German RepRap Rolls Out New 3D Printing Filament
Andrew Wheeler posted on August 03, 2015 |
How carbon fiber changes the material properties of filament.

German RepRap’s new Carbon20 printer filament is made from 20 percent carbon fiber and has several applications. 3D printer filaments that are reinforced with fiber are great for rigid functional prototypes and can be implemented in the automotive industry or in mold construction.

The new Carbon20 is a vast improvement on previous fiber-reinforced filaments, particularly with regard to material properties. Its high level of temperature resistance and high viscosity above melting temperature ensure successful printings while its flex modulus of 6.2 GPa is double that of PLA. The stretch at breaking point being 8-10 percent makes a filament that is firm but not brittle. The Carbon20 has a cool, matte-black appearance and is styrene-free to reduce odors in the printing process. This can help reduce post-processing time, and improve the aesthetic of objects and prototypes.

While the filament can be printed by DD2 and DD3 extruders, as well as brass nozzles, the abrasiveness of Carbon20 requires frequent changing of the brass nozzles and stainless steel nozzles are advisable.

The price for a 750-gauge reel is about $95 through German RepRap or authorized resellers such as 3DChimera.

It's a bit expensive, but look at the characteristics this mixture has produced.

Carbon20’s Material Properties:

  • 8-10 percent stretch at breaking point,
  • 6.2 GPa flex modulus,
  • 80 degree Celsius glass transition temperature,
  • Styrene-free and low odor,
  • Low distortion and high dimensional accuracy,
  • Matte black color,
  • 252 degree Celsius printing temperature as tested on X400 3D printer and
  • 45 degree Celsius bed temperature as tested on X400 3D printer.

Might be worth the extra expense if you need stronger industrial FDM 3D prints.

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