InnoventPro binder jet printer offers nanoparticle-infused binders and IoT connectivity. More >>


Online marketplace connects printers with manufacturers. More >>


The work will involve repairing aircraft engines using a metal additive system. More >>


MakerOS provides an operating software for 3D printing services. More >>


Mighty Buildings reimagines the building industry with 3D printing. More >>


polySpectra hosts contest based on new COR Alpha material for DLP. More >>


Online evaluation platform helps consumers evaluate manufacturing equipment. More >>


Smart part design pays big dividends in low support metal additive manufacturing. More >>


An overview of new achievements and persistent obstacles in bioprinting research. More >>


New nylon material with specs to be toughest in additive manufacturing is a reason to take notice. More >>


The Additive Manufacturing Campus will house BMW’s additive research and development efforts. More >>


MetraSCAN BLACK 3D also has 4 times better resolution. More >>


Closed loop supply chain will reuse scrap as new powder bed material. More >>


Bomb injuries lead to bone-mending discovery. More >>


House reduces the carbon emissions of typical construction at lightning speed. More >>


UK’s Hexr introduces £299 helmet made from castor bean oil. More >>


High temperature filament uses ceramic fillers to achieve high level of thermal stability. More >>


The technology boosts renewable energy production while lowering the levelized cost of energy. More >>


An Ohio-based 3D Printing company shares how additive manufacturing is solving PPE shortages. More >>


CEO Fried Vancraen talks about the importance of the initial design phase and parallelization. More >>


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