The VSHAPER 5AX 3D printer will be available later this year. More >>


New DLP process allows for faster and more precise medical 3D prints More >>


This machine changes from a multi-material FDM to laser engraver and 2D printer. More >>


The companies are to jointly develop integrated bioprinting solutions. More >>


Azul has developed a 3D printer 20X the size and 100X the speed of standard DLP 3D printers. More >>


Researchers at TU Wien develop novel methodology for faster and more precising printing. More >>


Voxel8 CEO discusses new Active Lab 3D printing technology for 3D printing on fabrics. More >>


Adaptive3D has released a specialty 3D printing resin called Elastic ToughRubber 90. More >>


Most construction-scale 3D printers are based on binder jetting technology More >>


3D printing unicorn Desktop Metal moves beyond metal. More >>


What skills and schools will be needed for students looking to specialize in 3D printing? More >>


Unlike other firms, a Russian 3D printing startup can 3D print lattices from carbon fiber. More >> breaks down the latest announcements from the UK’s largest 3D printing trade show. More >> speaks to Ultimaker about its latest 3D printing technology. More >> speaks to Protolabs about its latest 3D printing tech. More >>


Silicon Valley startup KeraCel is developing technology for producing batteries. More >> speaks to Gantri about its 3D-printed lighting and four-gantry 3D printer. More >> speaks to MakerBot about its new ABS 3D printer. More >> interviews Inkbit about the company’s AI-powered multi-material 3D printer. More >>


Relativity Space has signed a deal with NASA to develop a rocket 3D printing factory. More >>


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