15 Facts About US Manufacturing

Infographic highlights manufacturing’s impact on the US economy.

There are almost as many opinions on manufacturing as there are manufacturers.

When the subject turns from manufacturing in general to its impact (or lack thereof) on the US economy, the number of opinions multiplies exponentially.

As is so often the case, what’s lacking in debates about manufacturing are actual facts.

  • How many US manufacturers have fewer than 500 employees?
  • How many have fewer than 20?
  • How many people are actually working in manufacturing?

These are important questions and their answers affect how we approach bigger questions, like “Can the auto industry revitalize North American manufacturing?” or “Which is more cost-effective, domestic manufacturing or offshoring?

Fortunately, MP Star Financial, an invoice factoring company, recently released an infographic that can help clear the air in manufacturing debates.

Check it out: