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Designer Edge - A Fools Errand? I think not! Engineers find that pyrite might be the material needed to ramp up solar panel production.  More>>

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Master of Technology Management catapults you into leadership roles

Education - Learn entrepreneur and intrapreneur skills from UC Santa Barbara's Master of Technology Management More>>


New Ultrasound Gives an In Depth View into Bone, Metal

Designer Edge - A new Ultrasound technique allows doctors and material scientist to peer deeply into the... More>>


A New Supercomputer on the Rise?

Designer Edge - Tianhe-2 still reigns as champion of the supercomputers, but is a new generation of... More>>


Space 3D Printer Is Installed

3D Printing - 3D Printings long space saga is over. Made in Space's machine has been installed on the ISS. More>>


Mousr - intelligent robotic cat toy

Designer Edge - Petronics is Kickstarter funding its cat toy that will behave like prey in the wild. More>>


Robotic UUVs Aid the Study of Melting Polar Ice

Designer Edge - Researchers at CalTech are using specially engineered robotic subs to study melting ice caps on... More>>


New VR Training Gives Soldiers the Ability to Train Anywhere, Anytime

Designer Edge - A new augmented reality training sim is giving soldiers the ability to train anytime, anywhere... More>>


MakerBot, Martha Stewart Team Up to Release New Materials

3D Printing - MakerBot and Martha Stewart team up to release a series of new filaments to liven up your DIY... More>>


Visualizing a Day in UK Air Travel

Designer Edge - A new visualization underscores the complexity and coordination that underpins the UK's air... More>>


Honda, Toyota Launch Production Fuel-Cell Cars

Advanced Manufacturing - Japanese auto heavyweights Honda and Toyota have officially launched true production... More>>


Magic Tricks Created Using AI

Designer Edge - AI researchers at Queen Mary University of London have taught a computer to create magic tricks.... More>>


Singapore Researchers Print Flexible Circuits

3D Printing - Engineers creae an innovative process to print flexible electronic circuits. Are fully... More>>


Spiral Laser Beam Creates Quantum Whirlpool

Designer Edge - Physicists have engineers a spiral laser beam that can create whirlpools of polaritons, a hybrid... More>>



Searching For a Better Battery

Everyday Engineering - In this day and age, we and our gadgets are limited by the archaic ways we store our power. Tech... More>>


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