Google Releases Plans for New Virtual Reality Hardware and Software

At Google I/O 2016, Project Daydream Takes over Google Cardboard

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ProtoTech Launches 3D PDF Exporter for Inventor 2017

'ProtoTech updates its 3D PDF export tool for Inventor. But how long can Inventor coexist with Fusion?'

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VIDEO: Going Beyond Six-Axes with Advanced Robotic Automation

Additional axes in wrist-mounted tools allow more flexible automation.

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Airbus’s 3D-Printed Metal Motorcycle Weighs Just 35 Kg

Airbus unveils a 3D-printed motorcycle that it will be producing in a limited run of 50 units.

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RAISE Energy Delivers Cool Energy Savings on HVAC Systems

This HVAC optimizer could reduce HVAC energy consumption by up to 30%.

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Lessons on Ethics from Next Generation Engineers

EngineerGirl essay contest engages young women to critically examine engineering responsibility.

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Amazon Announces a Do-It-All IoT Button

Amazon releases its AWS IoT button, but is it worth it?

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Vectorworks Releases Version 2.4 of SimTread

New updates graphically enhance the pedestrian simulation tool.

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Exocam Powered by ModuleWorks Launched at LMT Lab Day 2016 in Chicago

New machining, simulation technology promises rapid toolpath calculation times, fast machining for dentistry.<br /> <br />

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