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Designer Edge - BAE Systems develops a flat, metamaterial antenna that could revolutionize aerospace design.  More>>

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Learn People Skills for Business with a Masters in Engineering Management

Education - MEM Graduate explains the skills he uses in the workforce. More>>


Bluefin-21 Dives Deep in Search of Malaysia Flight 370

Designer Edge - One of the world's most advanced AUV's pushes its limits in search of Malaysia... More>>


The Future Looks Bright For 3D Printing R&D Company Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB)

3D Printing - Sigma Labs (SGLB) Announces Software Integration Deal With Materialise and the future looks... More>>


How Academic Research Solved the Puzzle of MRI and CAT Scanning

Electronics - Computed Tomography: a Technology Transfer Story More>>


Artificial Blood on Its Way to Clinical Trials

Designer Edge - Researchers in the UK have created artificial blood that's suited for human transfusions. More>>


Compressed Air Energy Storage

Designer Edge - Danielle Fong presents her method to raise the efficiency of compressed air storage. More>>


Bringing ROI and Project Management into Everyday Life

Education - Project Managers taught to bring ROI thinking everywhere. More>>



Robot jumps onto building roof

Everyday Engineering - Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air. More>>


Building an adapter for a trumpet player with an amputation

Designer Edge - Kalamazoo, Michigan engineers create an adapter to help a young student play the trumpet. More>>


Synthetic Tissue and Organ Startup Raises $1.68M

3D Printing - British startup OxSyBio raised $1.68M for the creation of an AM tech that builds synthetic... More>>


What Is the Lifespan of a Solar Panel?

Electronics - We estimate that solar panels lose about 1% of their production every year. Is that estimate... More>>


Floating Nuclear Plants Could Surf Past Tsunamis

Designer Edge - Could a new floating plant design be the key to making nuclear power safe from tsunamis? More>>


Hex-Tet Meshing with Pointwise’s T-Rex Technique

Design Software - Pointwise showcases a hexahedral cell meshing technique. More>>


MIT builds a more Comfortable Prosthetic Limb

Designer Edge - David Sengeh discusses his method of developing more comfortable prosthetics. More>>


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