2D Stress Anaylzer RATING:   
A FEM (Finite Element Maintenance) freeware to do the stress analysis of 2D objects.
Filesize: 47 K
Downloads: 17996

  3D Stress Analyzer RATING:   
A simple and easy-to-use FEM (Finite Element Maintenance) in which you can specify the dimensions (width, breadth, and height) of the boundary of the object to be analyzed, and more.
Filesize: 33 K
Downloads: 26419

  3DAnywhere RATING:   
3DAnywhere enables you to easily create user-customizable, 3D objects for your Web site. 3DAnywhere allows for unrestricted control by the user, unlimited viewing possibilities, and unmatched platform support. The user can move, rotate, and zoom in on any object or group of objects in the current scene, and even modify the color or texture of an object. You can, for example, turn a static catalog of images into an animated catalog of 3D objects.
Filesize: 1708 K
Downloads: 12871

  Abe_PSF2 RATING:   
Abe_PSF2 shows how the wavefront shape and the transmission function of an optical system will affect its image blur or point spread function (PSF). Image degradation from wavefront effects such as third-order aberrations (coma, spherical, astigmatism) and defocus, Zernike polynomial coefficients, discontinuous phase errors (waffle, checkerboard, or random), and/or a subaperture phase plate are simulated. Blur growth from transmission losses due to obscurations from secondary mirror struts or a central obscuration are modeled, as well as apodization effects or speckle. The pupil can be round, hexagonal, or rectangular, and system wavelength and f/number are user-selectable. The graphical user interface is intuitive and straightforward. Abe_PSF2 is ideal for high school or college teachers and students interested in science, optics, or astronomy.
Filesize: 108 K
Downloads: 2087

  Base Converter RATING:   
Description: Base Converter is a simple application which converts numbers between three different bases - Hexadecimal, Decimal and Binary. Values upto 64 bits can be converted. Just type the value into the appropriate field, and the corresponding values will be displayed in the other supported bases.
Filesize: 13 K
Downloads: 2931

  Beam Analyzer RATING:   
The Beam Analyzer is a "less is more" type of free engineering program that allows you to model beams for various kinds of loadings and then obtain the deflections and reactions at supports, using finite element method. The small Java-based application runs within your Web browser, providing a basic beam diagram with inputs for length, width, nodes, loadings, and constraints. Although the instructions are minimal, the program wakes up with a sample beam model that makes the product understandable (with a bit of experimentation). A simple Show Results function pops up a frame with the deflections and reactions for the nodes specified. Units are not indicated, so the user must keep track and stay consistent. A full version, which adds the ability to save the beam models and print the stress distribution diagrams, is also available.
Filesize: 32 K
Downloads: 23093

  Beam Boy Analysis Tool RATING:   
BeamBoy is a utility for calculating engineering stress and deflection in structural beams and shafts. BeamBoy is freeware and is available for download on this page and many others. BeamBoy features include:
English or metric units
Linear distributed loads
Selection of beam cross-section from standard sizes
Assisted calculation of moment of inertia

Filesize: 1947 K
Downloads: 38718

  C Styled Script RATING:   
Scripting language with C syntax and comprehensive libraries: system, files, math, strings, SQL db access, regular expressions, async communications, windows control, and so on. APIs for most popular C, C++ compilers included to write libraries or embed CSS into your own applications.
Filesize: 2245 K
Downloads: 2417

  CadKulator for CADKEY RATING:   
CadKulator is fully functional scientific RPN calculator capable of performing trigonometric, logarithmic, radical,exponential calculations and more. It can also perform units conversions and angle conversions. It has an install and uninstall file and the best of all, it's free. CadKulator is a CADKEY ADDON application.
Filesize: 354 K
Downloads: 5484

  Calc 3D RATING:   
Calc 3D is a program to calculate 3D vectors, matrices, and complex numbers. For objects like point, line, plane, and sphere distances, intersections, volumes, areas of squares, and areas of a triangles can be calculated...
Filesize: 346 K
Downloads: 7957

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  Beam Boy Analysis Tool 38718
  3D Stress Analyzer 26419
  Beam Analyzer 23093
  Engineering Unit Converter 18820
  2D Stress Anaylzer 17996
  Fast Formulas v2.0 14121
  3DAnywhere 12871
  Geometry 10868
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