How would you like to turn your iPhone into a laser pointer and controller for your PowerPoint or Ke... More >>


The EVE Alpha project, which was launched on the Kickstarter a few days ago, aims to make a dream co... More >>


It's time for some Friday fun with video. Enjoy the extreme modding from this behind the scenes look... More >>


How many times have you lost your car keys, smart phones, iPod clips, reading glasses or remote cont... More >>


What's the difference between single and dual core? Sometimes nothing. More >>


PatentCut is a lightweight but powerful web-based tool for analyzing patents. More >>


A Bloomberg report suggests that Apple is exploring options for replacing the Intel microprocessors ... More >>


Except for storm news, there was quiet last week following the flurries around the previous two week... More >>


Tim Whibley tells us to take a leap. More >>


Philips, the Dutch lighting and electronics giant has just introduced a smart light bulb that could ... More >>


FreedomPop, a US based reseller of Clearwires Wimax service, started shipping a $99 sleeve for the A... More >>


         Why would a site dedicated to bringing you information about the l... More >>


A patent’s figures are often central elements to understanding the disclosed invention.  ... More >>


We still think the PC is important More >>


It's pretty rare to find fault with Apple's marketing juggernaut, but you had to know that calling t... More >>


iPad mini in hand courtesy of the Verge.


New iPad, new iPad mini, new iMac, and new Mac Mini...did we forget anything? More >>


Okay, so you won't be able to rush out today and get the new iPad mini (or its larger 4th gener... More >>


The Apple online store is closed in preparation for the announcement this morning (thanks again Twit... More >>


Of course, there could be other reasons especially those cited in this TMO piece about Sam... More >>


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