PopSLATE is an innovative iPhone 5 case just out on the crowd funding site Indiegogo.  At a fir... More >>


How will you control your tablet in the future? Will it be by touch, talk or just a look? With a n... More >>


A truly inspiring video about Kelvin Doe, a 15-year-old from Sierra Leone. With no engineering or e... More >>


Are you off-the-grid and your iPhone battery is running low? Don’t panic! All you need is a heat sou... More >>


Rough night on the town?  How would you like your smartphone to tell you whether you are infect... More >>


If you’re looking for an iPhone case with both beauty and brains, you might want to ... More >>


Conventional touchscreens sense your input commands when you tap its screen. They don';t know which ... More >>


How close are we to the world where everything in our lives is connected?  As internet-enabled... More >>


This robot bartender is powered by Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.  It connects to social medi... More >>


NVM - non-volatile musical chairs More >>


I recently wrote about a ski/snowboard goggle from Oakley called the Airwave that provide a nice add... More >>


Wi-Fi Plant Sensor from Koubachi uses Cloud computing to analyze the real time temperature, soil moi... More >>


If you want to keep track how much you walk, bike or swim on your smartphone, you may be interested ... More >>


The ZigBee ® Alliance, has recently announced a new wireless communication standard fo... More >>


Does your dog try to bolt for freedom the moment you open the front door?  Thanks to the wonder... More >>


And the most valuable chip company is... More >>


This one goes out to all the Minecrafters, modders, and java scripters. Sorry for the pre-roll ad. W... More >>


How would you like to turn your iPhone into a laser pointer and controller for your PowerPoint or Ke... More >>


The EVE Alpha project, which was launched on the Kickstarter a few days ago, aims to make a dream co... More >>


It's time for some Friday fun with video. Enjoy the extreme modding from this behind the scenes look... More >>


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