Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags don't need batteries - they use the electromagnet... More >>


A 'supercomputer' built using 64 connected Raspberry Pi boards and a racking made with Lego pieces.P... More >>


Imagine a cell phone that doesn’t require an AC charger. Sound like a bright idea? It’s ... More >>


My challenge today was judging the 33rd Ottawa Science and Engineering Olympics. Then I thought, "Wh... More >>


The self-driving RobotCar, developed by the researchers in the University of Oxford uses small camer... More >>


Batteries can't be beat for compact energy storage. Their high energy density makes batteries the pe... More >>


Arduino-powered chess set connects remote players over the internet using a physical chess table. More >>


In a previous article I discussed energy harvesting, the concept of generating small amounts of elec... More >>


The LUMO is a thin, flexible sensor band worn as a belt that captures the posture of your lower and ... More >>


Electric vehicles (EVs) can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but they also put stress on an al... More >>


You’re an engineer, so you obviously have a digital programmable thermostat. (You don’t!... More >>


This vending machine uses LG's transparent screen to display animations when a product is selected. More >>


Devoted BlackBerry users are scratching their heads. Why are they left waiting for their beloved phy... More >>


Smart Grid: Intelligent Power Distribution More >>


A camera that captures the 3-D model of everything it points at. More >>


Can you feel it? There’s a certain energy in the air. Cell towers, radio and TV transmitters, satell... More >>


The new wireless microcontroller board Pinoccio allows Arduino users to connect their DIY projects t... More >>


The Internet of Things-based lamp is a new way of saying "good night" to your friends and loved ones... More >>


The new horizon? Look up. It's 3D. More >>


Worried about your plants while you’re on vacation? Oso’s cloud-based wireless plant sen... More >>


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