It’s been forty years since the first mobile phone call. More >>


A team of researchers in Dresden has developed a 3D printing process that creates small inexpensive ... More >>


Near “out-of-the-box” solution for complete CO (or chemical/gas) sensing with Bluetooth More >>


Researchers at MIT are wondering why photovoltaic system designers insist on thinking in only two di... More >>


Is it possible that more phones were returned than shipped? More >>


A nanowire manufacturing technique promises to improve solar cell efficiency at a low cost. More >>


Finding stuff with your smartphone. Will Linquet succeed in a crowded field? More >>


In August 2012 a team of engineers launched the Ubi on Kickstarter.  Their goal was $36,000.&nb... More >>


The SunSmart E-Shelter program lowers energy bills, provides educational resources, and supplies pow... More >>


Kickstarter attracts a lot of inventors.  Did these designers bite off too big a project? More >>


Altera to use Intel for wafer production. Hints of Intel in the post-PC era. More >>


This Wisconsin factory takes waste water from the cheese-making industry and converts it into electr... More >>


This video shows a step-by-step process for building a windmill that generates 600 watts, enough to ... More >>


GE's 2.5 megawatt wind turbine uses sensors, on-site batteries, communication, and data analysis to ... More >>


Fritz is an educational robot puppet that achieves an excellent interpretation of human facial expre... More >>


Fritz is a "robot puppet" that is just launching on Kickstarter. We spoke with the brains behind th... More >>


This artificial lotus flower uses sunlight to generate electricity, and creates hot water and p... More >>


This robot travels around a solar farm and adjusts the panels so they always point directly towards ... More >>


Six weeks after its launch in Canada, BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) launched its touchscreen sm... More >>


I'd like Nanotechnology for $100, Alex.  The answer is: This substance kills bacteria, filte... More >>


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