Programmable DSPs are well suited to complex or power-limited imaging applications. More >>


If you are a frequent traveler with limited foreign language understanding, the SIGMO language trans... More >>


Team Capitol DC's Harvest Home is a student project that combines passive solar design, photovoltaic... More >>


When designing a system involving ICs that use 1-wire,  I2C, SPI, JTAG, serial, or HD44780-base... More >>


MSP trade microcontrollers for Bluetooth and Zigbee come with 256-bit AES data encryption More >>


X3 Energy has a pair of transportable emergency energy generators that combine photovoltaics, wind, ... More >>


TI’s industrial communications engine provides CAN, PROFIBUS, or industrial Ethernet communica... More >>


The largest rooftop PV array in Europe doesn't conform to the south-facing standard for fixed-mounte... More >>


Fireside Elementary School serves as a model of sustainable design, generating almost all the energy... More >>


Safety is just one reason to group wiring together in a protective pipe More >>


Scituate is the first town in Massachusetts to power all of its government services using only renew... More >>


From stacked chip packages to monolithic 3DICs More >>


Affordable GPS that can pinpoint objects to centimeter resolution is being crowd funded.   Usin... More >>


A photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) system includes a solar thermal collector mounted under a PV panel. Thi... More >>


Next-gen phones could have 30 MEMS components More >>


Power failures have impacted research at the Illinois Institute of Technology, costing the college r... More >>


Proper instrument calibration is key to production quality More >>


BMW introduces the i3, its first fully-electric car. Could this be the EV that makes fossil fuel car... More >>


Thin film solar cells are lightweight and flexible, but are often made from materials that aren't qu... More >>


Hydra is a triple output smart DC power supply designed for portable system use.   DC voltage a... More >>


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