New sensing chip allows for measurement of eddy current losses and inductance More >>


Engineers at SolarStratos are building an airplane that will fly higher than any other manned solar-... More >>


IoT development environment in wrist watch format More >>


A review of RFID applications in trucking, air, shipping and rail More >>


Raise a mug to the EcoVolt, which turns wastewater from brewing into usable energy. More >>


Electronics are more accessible than you might think More >> is revolutionizing the datasheet specification documents for ICs by allowing the creat... More >>


Could the good old lead-acid battery enhanced by a built-in supercapacitor make renewable energy, gr... More >>


Mentor Graphics asks Accellera to form a committee to update GBTS standards. More >>


RS Components is back in action once again providing three new major features in the beginning of th... More >>


Small, wireless platform for designing air quality testing devices More >>


Sensorless motor control doesn’t have to be complicated More >>


When an outlet isn’t nearby, the Carbon wearable charger uses solar power to recharge your sma... More >>


Pioneers who changed the face of information technology More >>


3D fibers with piezoelectric properties could give new meaning to the term "power suit". More >>


Pros and cons of the three most common RFID tag options. More >>


Lockheed Martin is building a 62 MW wave energy farm. When completed, it will be the largest in the ... More >>


SensorTag provides 6 low-power MEMS sensors More >>


Oscilla Power's new energy harvester converts wave power to electricity with no moving parts.  More >>


Simple and Economical Bluetooth audio for your TI MSP430™ MCU designs. More >>


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