This award-winning house has an average energy bill less than $2 per month. How did they do it? More >>


Renewables supply local energy needs while enabling the export of excess power to the mainland. More >>


When adding generating capacity to the grid, are renewables a good economic choice? This NREL report... More >>


Solar power, waste-to-energy, and efficient brewing processes make the Kona Brewery a model of susta... More >>


The wearable electronic device market is growing rapidly with predictions of more than a $10bn marke... More >>


The Land of the Rising Sun will soon be home to the world’s most powerful floating solar array. More >>


These modular energy storage devices offer alternatives to Tesla’s Powerwall. One of them could also... More >>


This roving hands-on science exhibit runs entirely on renewable energy. More >>


This net-zero energy, net-zero water, carbon-neutral education center is designed to meet the strict... More >>


John Lennon wrote “Power to the People.” There’s a reason he didn’t say Power FROM the people. Here’... More >>


Underwater compressed air energy storage has been discussed for years. Hydrostor plans to make Toron... More >>


A floating solar array produces electricity and gives this open air reservoir a few side benefits. More >>


2015 was supposed to give us Mr Fusion, a device that turns garbage into fuel. We still don’t have t... More >>


This pocket-sized backup battery can be recharged through USB or with its roll-out organic solar arr... More >>


Solar panels on this Canadian house generate more energy than the house uses over the year. More >>


This cube-shaped wireless LED lamp changes colors and brightness by touch - no smart phone app requi... More >>


Thermal hydrolysis makes the wastewater treatment process more efficient. DC’s water treatment plant... More >>


This school installed a ground source heat pump and eliminated the most expensive parts: drilling an... More >>


What are the implications of electronics and AI taking over responsible agency control? More >>


A biolamp design makes a good STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) project. More >>


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