2015 was supposed to give us Mr Fusion, a device that turns garbage into fuel. We still don’t have t... More >>


This pocket-sized backup battery can be recharged through USB or with its roll-out organic solar arr... More >>


Solar panels on this Canadian house generate more energy than the house uses over the year. More >>


This cube-shaped wireless LED lamp changes colors and brightness by touch - no smart phone app requi... More >>


Thermal hydrolysis makes the wastewater treatment process more efficient. DC’s water treatment plant... More >>


This school installed a ground source heat pump and eliminated the most expensive parts: drilling an... More >>


What are the implications of electronics and AI taking over responsible agency control? More >>


A biolamp design makes a good STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) project. More >>


Higher sensitivity at IR enables advanced security for mobile devices. More >>


Developed encapsulation material shows high stability up to 210°C. More >>


700-nA quiescent current allows long-term, always-on functionality to help get more life out of your... More >>


100 femtosecond jitter performance optimizes system timing and bit error rate. More >>


The Low-Energy Internet of Things may soon be powered by stray radio signals. More >>


Toshiba launches three new microcontrollers with Built-in USB device controllers. More >>


A new transparent coating helps solar panels stay cool, increasing their production. More >>


In remote locations, wave power can be a cost-effective source of electricity. CETO6 is Carnegie Wav... More >>


High-power PoE solutions designed for demanding environments and extended temperature ranges. More >>


Bosch’s new battery could double the range of electric vehicles and decrease the risk of battery fir... More >>


MIT engineers use “time travel” to allot memory space. More >>


New electromechanical switches consist of 134 connectorized designs, capable of 1 million life cycle... More >>


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