Recently, Autodesk announced the release of Tinkerplay, a 3D design and 3D printing free app target... More >>


The flexibility of organic modeling with the precision of NURBS More >>


Noetic-Data founded by PLM industry experts More >>


Ray tracing has been around for years, but new software is helping to bring new life to the tech, in... More >>


What’s bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a desktop? More >>


Cloud storage has become commonplace, but until now no solution has been tailored specifically to CA... More >>


STAR-Global conference relates what’s new in CD-adapco’s simulation portfolio More >>


Composite PrepPost tool simulates as-manufactured thin and 3D composite elements More >>


Ford uses SOMO to create enterprise level MDO work culture. More >>


Running ANSYS 16.0 on Xeon with Xeon Phi chips can reduce solution times significantly. More >>


Stirred tank template and CFD models make for quick and accurate results. More >>


Siemens debuts a 45-day free trial version of Solid Edge in the cloud. Go ahead, try it out. They're... More >>


Ensuring proper results from shell models. More >>


Microsoft and Siemens are now offering full CAD on a tablet More >>


Confused about Onshape's data model and how there can be CAD with no files? Read this. More >>


VisSim 9.0 improves speed for simulation and model-based embedded system development. More >>


Thin element connection tools can save users a lot of time pre-processing More >>


MRI-based 3D human head model for FEA & CFD simulations. More >>


The 2015x release focus has been on enhancing the existing support for 12 industry segment and to im... More >>


Enhanced clickable math tools in Maple 2015. More >>


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