New virtual reality headset from Intel and AMA XpertEye builds out new AR application. More >>


Autodesk interns make a mechanical octopus using Fusion 360. More >>


HoloLens moves to the enterprise and Tim Cook confirms Apple’s augmented ambitions. More >>


A look at new enhancements in AutoCAD rendering and how to create stunning, realistic renderings wit... More >>


Virtual reality and a brain-machine interface experiment indicate increased plasticity of spinal cor... More >>


Award-winning designer brings her visions to life with Solid Edge software. More >>


3 companies find CFD useful outside of aerospace and automotive. More >>


Quadro P6000 great for rendering, VR but may be overkill for ordinary 3D modeling. More >>


Is widespread immersive computing in virtual reality just a pipe dream for now? More >>


MathWorks provides an improved fluid model library for MBD CAE software. More >>


Simulation software for ICE design sees usability improvements and more accurate combustion results. More >>


Looking for engineering applications amidst the hype of augmented reality entertainment. More >>


The plug-in EcoDesigner can display many different environmental LCA indicators like acidification, ... More >>


IronCAD plays a critical role in the design and assembly of a state-of-art hydraulically banked runn... More >>


CONVERGE 2016 aims to teach engineers to combine art with science, design and technology. More >>


BOXX introduces a VR-optimized laptop. More >>


Dassault Systèmes, Ford and HTC Vive join forces to project insights through presentations, discussi... More >>


Computer Simulation Technology AG to join 3DEXPERIENCE fold. More >>


Technology can make VR acceptable, but overcoming nausea, and other human factors, will make it lika... More >>


Jitterbit integration lets Autodesk PLM users connect to cloud-based services. More >>


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