Student Engineers a Robotic Jazz Session

Georgia Tech Music PhD. Jams with Improvising Robot Musicians

A trio of re-mixing dancing robots, a marimba robot, and music Ph.D. candidate Mason Bretan improvise a Miles Davis-inspired jazz session, called "What You Say."

The dancing Shimi robots create choreographies based on music and knowledge of their own physical constraints. These trio of robots also generate a re-mix of Bretan's composition thanks to improvisational algorithms.

The marimba playing robot, Shimon, listens to the music and generates its own music based on jazz theory, chord progression, and improvisation algorithms.

Bretan will be fine tuning the robots to allow for real-time analysis and improve. He said, "The brilliance of the musicians on that album is an inspiration to me and my own musical and instrumental aspirations...They also set the standard for the level of musicianship that I hope machines will one day achieve. And through the power of artificial intelligence, signal processing and engineering, I firmly believe it is possible for machines to be artistic, creative and inspirational."

Source Georgia Tech.

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