Chemical free Microorganism Wastewater Treatment System

There are numerous wastewater treatment methods that use chemicals to purify contaminated water, but these chemicals have the potential to negatively impact living organisms, humans, and the environment. Researchers at Tokyo Kasei University have developed a wastewater treatment system that uses microorganisms found in nature to effectively purify contaminated water without consuming energy or negatively impacting the environment. This wastewater treatment system features high purification efficiency. The system combines an anaerobic bioreactor with an aerobic bioreactor. The anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms are immobilized in the recycled foam glass waste containers of the respective bioreactors. The microorganisms are immobilized both on the surface and inside the foam glass, and when the wastewater comes into contact with the foam glass the microorganisms act to separate the contaminants from the water to purify it. This is a cost-effective, chemical free wastewater trea

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