Humanity's first interstellar flight

Interstellar space travel is unmanned or manned travel between stars. The concept of interstellar travel in starships is a staple in science fiction. Interstellar travel is tremendously more difficult than interplanetary travel. Intergalactic travel, the travel between different galaxies, is even more difficult. Many scientific papers have been published about related concepts. Given sufficient travel time and engineering work, both unmanned and generational interstellar travel seem possible, though representing a very considerable technological and economic challenge unlikely to be met for some time, particularly for manned probes. NASA has been engaging in research into these topics for several years, and has accumulated a number of theoretical approaches. The main difficulty of interstellar travel is the vast distances that have to be covered. This means that a very high speed and/or a very long travel time is needed. The time it takes with most realistic propulsion methods wo

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