Mobile PLM: What’s the Shortest Path to Value?

Mobile Devices are a new technology platform that can make PLM data more accessible and bring new functionality. Analysts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson disagree about the future direction for mobile PLM. Be sure to cast your vote!

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Chad: Hey and welcome to tech for PD. I¦m Chad.

Jim: And I¦m Jim. Today, we¦re going to talk about the intersection of mobile devices, mobile technology and PLM.


Jim: Chad, why don¦t you set the stage, why are we talking about this?

Chad: Yeah, so I think there is a couple of factors that make this a relevant topic for PLM and one is the explosion of mobile devices. Whether it¦s smartphones or tablets or what-have-you; pretty much everyone has this type of device nowadays and also it goes hand-in-hand with that is the advent of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device to Work) right so, not only are these devices available now but their capabilities are pretty powerful so you look at their accelerometers, they have GPS capabilities, high definition cameras, you can even start taking measurements off of. It¦s pretty incredible what these devices can do now-a-days. So I think a new technology platform is now available and it makes it more accessible.

Jim: And I think also what we are also seeing is this explosion of devices and explosion of applications that we¦re using in our personal lives. People are used to being able to do things a different way; when they want, where they want and having the data that they want at their fingertips and being able to share it and communicate with the people that they want too. So people are now starting to expect that sort of thing not just in their personal lives but in their business life.

Chad: Yes, absolutely and there¦s a number of different software providers that are now coming out with mobile apps whether it runs on a variety of different devices so PTC is one that has some access to Windchill. Siemen¦s PLM has some access to Team-Centre. As well as Arius, they¦ve come out with a mobile device as well.

Jim: And it¦s not just the large vendors it is also some of the third parties that are working on that; I¦m aware of one that has been writing things like engineering change applications that fit in with Agile and also I think it is interesting here to include Cloud in this conversation because it is a device thing and maybe not a app thing as much people are now just expecting to access things anytime, anywhere and on any device. That¦s the kind of thing that Autodesk for example with PLM 360 is looking at; is saying hey this is cloud whatever device you have you are going to have access to it wherever you are and I think those are some really compelling changes as well.

Chad: Yeah, alright I think that sets the stage, let¦s get into the debate.


Chad: Alright so, let¦s get into, so Jim you start first. Where do you think the biggest value is for mobility for PLM.

Jim: Right so, I think the biggest value for mobility in PLM in the near term is going to be taking existing data, existing processes, things that are already in the PLM infrastructure and extending them to the mobile environment. So, things like engineering change processes and information that you¦ve already gathered in terms of viewables; making those accessible to a broader range of people because they can get to it anywhere anytime v that to me is where we¦ll get the most value. And you?

Chad: Yeah, I think there is value there, I think there is a lot more value in having apps that leverage the capabilities of these devices not just make it, not just leverage the mobile browser but leverage the capabilities of the device like for example; accelerometers, the GPS, the high definition camera which can even take measurements now-a-days. I think there is a lot more value there than just the mobile browser.


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Jim Brown


Quickest PLM value will come from exposing existing product data to mobile users, such as field-service personnel.


Chad Jackson

Lifecycle Insights

Mobile device features like GPS and hi-res cameras can offer new high-value functions for PLM that go way beyond the browser. That¦s the biggest near-term opportunity.


Voting is closed. Tune in to the next Tech4PD episode to find out who won this debate.

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