Systems Engineering and PLM: Future or Fool’s Dream?

Today’s “Smart” products embody elements of mechanical, electrical and software design. That makes the requirements increasingly interdependent. Systems engineering is the integration of these functions into a unified design. In this episode, Tech-Clarity's Jim Brown and Lifecycle Insights' Chad Jackson debate whether systems engineering is ready to be integrated in the PLM system, or should stand apart using best-of-breed applications.

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Jim Brown


While integration is inherently a worthy goal, today¦s systems engineering applications are too early in their development. Organizations are better off finding a best-of-breed solution that matches their systems engineering requirements rather than expecting complete systems engineering solutions that are part of a PLM suite.


Chad Jackson

Lifecycle Insights

Organizations need the integrated view of systems engineering that can only come in their PLM systems. Engineering and product development data and processes exist in PLM systems, so it makes sense to connect requirements all the way through to bill of material items there.


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