Is Product Data Management Overkill for Small Design Teams?

Small design teams face a tough choice for managing product data. Should they implement a simple document management solution? A CAD-only data management tool? Or go for something bigger that manages the BOM through to manufacturing? As usual, Chad and Jim don’t agree and you get to vote. Plus see who had to take a very public plunge in the pool at COFES - the conference that brings the leaders of the engineering software industry together.

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Jim Brown

Even small teams need PDM tools that scale beyond the core engineering work group to include manufacturing and others who are involved in the design and any changes.


Chad Jackson

Small design teams typically have no IT staff and small budgets, so they need to focus on the core value proposition of PDM. That means managing CAD data in the engineering organization and supporting design release.


Voting is closed. Tune in to the next Tech4PD episode to find out who won this debate.

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