PLM and ERP: Putting each in their place

In this episode Chad and Jim debate the roles of PLM and ERP in managing product data and surprisingly don’t agree (not!). Jim also makes a bold prediction about the future of these solutions. Vote for the debate winner below, and be sure to watch the loser of the last debate doing a polar bear swim!

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Jim Brown

PLM should be the single source of product data for the enterprise, integrated with ERP, CRM, SCM and service solutions. Having a single source of product data is key for managing the business of manufacturing.


Chad Jackson

The reality is that there is usually only a one-time push from PLM to ERP and maybe again for change management, and that¦s good enough for most processes. While the holy grail of a single data source and fully integrated system is a nice goal, it¦s not realistic with today¦s tools.

Voting is closed. Tune in to the next Tech4PD episode to find out who won this debate.

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