CAD: For Design or just Documentation

In this freewheeling conversation, industry analysts Chad Jackson and Jim Brown talk about how CAD is really used in engineering design processes. While they agree that engineers really can use CAD for design they disagree about how they should do that. And of course, you'll get to see who lost the last debate and had to get a temporary tattoo. Don't forget to vote for this episode's winner.

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Jim Brown

Engineers should design in 3D from the outset of their design process. The ease of use and power of today's 3D modeling software makes that the most practical approach because engineers can design and document at the same time.


Chad Jackson

Advances in 2D software, such as virtual sketching, allow designers to take their ideas more quickly to digital models that can be shared, so starting with 2D makes the most sense. Extend the design to 3D when the concept is sufficiently advanced to require documentation.

Voting is closed. Tune in to the next Tech4PD episode to find out who won this debate.

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