Definition of "Geek"

Our interview with Ken Denmead A.K.A. "GeekDad", about his favorite parts of the USA Science & Engineering Festival, and what being a "geek" means to him.

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Definition Of Geek

Dan Hedges: I¦m Dan Hedges from here at the USA science and engineering festival and I'm joined by my guess geek dad Ken Denmead. Mr Denmead thank you for being here.

Ken Denmead: It's great to be here, this is such an amazing festival, I¦ve had a great time.

Dan Hedges: Actually less startup with what was your favorite part of the festival?

Ken Denmead: A couple of things, I totally loved, but I can't remember which group it was. Somebody built a pit of cornstarch and water, letting the kids walk across, race across the non-Newtonian solid so you can dip into it slowly and it oozes whatever, and then the kids can just run right across the surface. There were so many kids having fun and adults having a ton of fun with it. It's an amazing experience.

Dan Hedges: Now as the geek dad, what is a geek?

Ken Denmead: I generally joke that if you have ever suffered social detriment because of the things that you're passionate about you¦re a geek.

Dan Hedges: Suffering social detriment, so why do you encourage that in your kids? Why do you want your kids to suffer social detriment?

Ken Denmead: Well if everyone is suffering it, then everybody is equal. Things have gotten better over the years, when I was in school I was a little bit nerdy, a little bit geeky and I use those terms relatively and interchangeably. People would probably argue you know, that nerd is this and geek is that. I don't care that much that divide that doesn't bring us together. Obviously there's this whole concept that these geeks have won now.

The geeks are in; pop culture is kind sort of circling around geek culture right now, which is wonderful. I want my kids to be passionate about stuff. I want them to discover at as young an age as possible what really excites them in life because that's going to be the thing that they carry with them all through their lives. Hopefully that's going to be the thing that they can get really, really good at, a very young age and excel at in their professional lives, so that work isn¦t work. I'm going to work, I¦m going to go do the thing I love and have a wonderful living out of it.

Dan Hedges: And if finding your passion, finding something that you're passionate about is what being a geek is all about. It strikes me that there¦s a lot of ways now that there haven't been in the past to really learn more about whatever it is your passion about. Whether it's podcast, there¦s Wikipedia is now a good time to be a geek.

Ken Denmead: It absolutely is and I think that's probably why we're seeing this huge explosion of geeks being cool because everybody is realizing. There are resources to find what we love out there and more importantly there are resources to connect with the other people that love those things. So you love crocheting, I¦m a groomi of figures of Dr. who, there¦s a community, I guarantee you there is a blog called somewhere and you can go find those people and connect with them. And find the support you need, maybe if you are not getting it in their community, but you¦re still going to find those people. And so almost anything is possible and you know what if it's not out there, then you can start it, you can be the magnet and bring those people to you. It's wonderful cause now no kid growing up needs to feel alone about loving dungeons dragons or reading old Star Trek novels or anything because the people are out there, you can find the supportive communities to make friends and keep going.

Dan Hedges: So if there's one lesson to take away here its go squat on, is that right? did I get it right?