Student Designs and Builds Custom Guitar

In this episode of the Learning Series, we meet Cameron McLeod, an engineering technology student who designs and builds an electric guitar. Katrina walks us through the steps, from CAD design to machining to finishing. Location shots are from Confederation College in Thunder Bay Canada.

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Today we¦ll show you how Cameron Mcleod, a Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology student at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Canada, made his own electric guitar.

Cameron was influenced in his design by the aesthetics of the individual guitars of successful 70¦s and 80¦s rockers, but even the lines of a vintage Corvette car found their way into his design.

Once he was happy with the digital model of the body, Cameron used the software¦s prismatic machining functionality to create cutting paths. Cameron was able to design a custom body that would accommodate the outsourced parts, such as the neck, the pick-ups and the Floyd Rose tremolo system. Cameron used a CNC system to cut the complex geometry of the guitar body, including the holes on the back side. After machining and sanding, the electrical components were installed by hand. Cameron was able to create an extremely professional sounding instrument.