Newton's Third Law: The Good Stuff

Description: This video shows the introduction to the third law of motion to my freshman science class. It ends with a demonstration of how the law has been useful in real life (rockets). rockets, newton's third law, motion, underwood, deming I wasn't real sure of the format you wanted with this, so you are getting exactly what my students see. This was just the introduction. After the video went off, the students came up with real life situations where they've experienced the third law and share those with their neighbors in class. Being a rural area, we spent some time talking about shooting guns and the 'kick' you get and how that applied to the third law. But as for the video, it shows how the law is introduced and one demonstration I use to get some excitement out of the students to get them wanting to learn more.

Submitted By: Josh Underwood
Shool Name: Deming High School

Channel: Science and Engineering Festival
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