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Bladeless Wind Turbines
The EWICON creates energy by leveraging charged water droplets.  View This Pick
3D Refiner Speeds Up Printing, Delivers Better Results
To maximize the value of a lower quality print, Ross and David created a machine that refines a low-resolution print to such a degree that it’s indistinguishable from a higher quality version.  View This Pick
Electronic design considerations for Kickstarting a robot
The team wanted to stick with off-the-shelf electronics components.  View This Pick
Ambitious students seek funding for their ASME competition entry
The project is to build a small, remote-controlled inspection vehicle to detect the level of radioactivity and inspect for damage.  View This Pick
Virtual Teardown of Kickstarter Robot Puppet
Kerwin used Solidworks to model Fritz. Here's a tour that he produced for  View This Pick
The Mantis Walking Machine
The biggest, all-terrain operational hexapod robot in the world  View This Pick
A "Brilliant" Wind Turbine
GE's 2.5 megawatt wind turbine uses sensors, on-site batteries, communication, and data analysis to generate predictable electricity from wind.  View This Pick
You’ve Got to Be Good at Gauging Your Own Performance
In any job you're doing you’ve got to be good at gauging your own performance.  View This Pick
Fritz - the Robot Puppet on Kickstarter
We spoke with the brains behind the project, and even got an insider peek at the CAD models behind the design.  View This Pick
Hovercraft Golf Cart
They created the world's first hovercraft golf cart. Using hovercraft technology, the BW1 is able to glide over any terrain, including grass, sand, and water.  View This Pick
Business and Academia partner in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
Stevens Institute of Technology and Langan Engineering and Environmental Services to assist with flood studies and coastal protection.  View This Pick
2012 Nobel Prize: How Do We See Light?
What was the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics given for? Capturing a single photon of light! Congrats to Serge Haroche and David Wineland  View This Pick
Soyuz Shatters Space Flight Record
At 4:43 PM, EDT, the Soyuz 34 Capsule was launched. Six hours later they docked with the ISS, forty-two hours ahead of schedule.  View This Pick
Flower Power!
This artificial lotus flower uses sunlight to generate electricity, and creates hot water and purified water as its byproducts.  View This Pick
Custom-Made Robotic Parts
RobotShop is just another example of companies realizing that 3D printing can be a valuable extension of their operations.  View This Pick
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