Engineers Create World’s Smallest Guillotine

New microfluidic tool for cellular research cuts cells 200 times faster than traditional methods.

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Synchronous Technology—Debunking the Myths

A look at history-based modeling, history-free modeling and the myths associated with synchronous technology.

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VIDEO: How Advanced Technology Can Make Automation Easier to Use

From graphical interfaces to CNC simulators to machine communication, is automation becoming easier?

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Volkswagen Autoeuropa 3D Prints Manufacturing Tools to Save Thousands of Euros

Volkswagen Autoeuropa uses Ultimaker 3D printers to produce manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures.

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Trash into Treasure: Landfill Site Becomes Solar Farm

From brown to green: a landfill that's been vacant for 45 years gets new life as a solar farm.

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Circuit Scribe Releases DIY Electronics Kits

After successfully launching conductive ink pens for drawing circuits, Circuit Scribe has three new kits for makers.

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PLM Initiatives Take On Master Data Transformation

CIMdata’s PEVI Knowledge Council probes master data enablement and the benefits of lifecycle management as part of digitalization.<br />

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Arduino Announces IoT Kit for LoRa Developers

Company joins LoRa Alliance with new IoT developer kit.

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Unleashing Document Access to Unlimited Users

Bringing BIM platforms to the cloud can make an endless volume of project documents accessible to a virtually unlimited number of users, as well as ensure that all information is up to date and consistent.

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ZEISS and ModuleWorks Team Up to Create Unified CAD/CAM System for Optics Machining

Due to increasingly complex geometry designs, traditional machining and ultra-precision machining are being synthesized into one integrated system.

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China Tops Super Computer List, US Ousted Out of Top 3

China retains its leading place among the Top 500 supercomputers and a surprise system knocks the US out of the top three.

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A Practical App for Overlaying BIM Models On-Site with Microsoft HoloLens

Continuing the search for utility in augmented reality.

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