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Design Software - Emmanuel Cofie is a simulation analyst with an interesting challenge. As set out in this white paper, validating thermal distortion models for non-terrestrial environments can be tricky. - Download Now

Design Software - Ted Diehl, Ph.D. is the President of BodieTech and has 25 years of experience applying fundamentals to simulation problems. In his webinar Ted will outline the importance and use of DSP and advanced energy methods. - Download Now

Design Software - According to the analysts at CIMdata, “until recently PLM solutions have not combined enough pre-packaged functionality that is easy to implement at a reasonable price point for companies of all sizes.” - Download Now

Design Software - Your thermal models are likely based on terrestrial events. Things get interesting when you have to worry about structures surviving the cryogenic temperatures and near vacuums of space. - Download Now

Design Software - The scary reality is that bird versus airplane collisions aren’t as rare as you might think. In 2012 over 10,000 aircraft were struck by birds in flight. - Download Now

Design Software - PDM can be overkill for small teams. - Download Now

Design Software - ue to the fast pace of new technology, emerging market opportunities, growing compliance mandates, and competition from start-ups, medical device executives find themselves in an environment where they must continually innovate with flawless execution to survive. - Download Now

Design Software - Manufacturers' business needs have changed significantly over the past several years, evolving the roles that technology plays within the manufacturing process. - Download Now

Design Software - Nujira Ltd, based in Cambridge, UK, is the world leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology and solutions for powering energy efficient 4G cellular terminals, base stations and digital broadcast transmitters. - Download Now

Design Software - Multiphysics modeling is an integral tool used in product development. - Download Now

Design Software - Historically, high-powered desktop computers with dedicated 3D graphics hardware have been required to support data creation and modification. - Download Now

Design Software - Before you change your product design, you need to know what the financial impact will be. - Download Now

Design Software - Today, there are more and more participants involved in the product design process. If contributors are working in different CAD tools, collaboration is challenging. - Download Now

Design Software - Calculations are the heart of engineering and vital to the success of projects and product design. It is essential to capture calculations in a way that is easy to reuse, analyze, and share with others. - Download Now

Design Software - The competitive landscape demands that product developers focus on productivity. - Download Now

Design Software - Download this on-demand webinar to learn how CAD designers can re-use parts, reduce duplicate parts and reveal hidden assets. - Download Now

Design Software - The usage of data centers globally has skyrocketed in the past three to four years in response to growing demand for information storage and transfer from banks, hospitals, government bodies, telecom operators and hosting facilities. - Download Now

Design Software - The electronics industry is experiencing an increase in the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). - Download Now

Design Software - This white paper reviews feedback from customers who have implemented the Best Practice NPI Flow. - Download Now

Design Software - Faster is better, but faster is also hotter. A 10° increase in junction temperature can cause a 50% reduction in a semiconductor device's life expectancy. - Download Now

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