Expanding 3D Printing’s Value Across Your Organization: Explore the many uses of Desktop 3D Printers

New desktop 3D Printing systems are not only compact, but also office-friendly. The new generation are clean, quiet systems that require no special training or dedicated operators. Much like paper ink-jet printers, they have more intuitive graphical software that ease the process of printing concept models.

Designers are using desktop 3D Printers throughout the full product development cycle and into production of finished goods.

In this webinar, Mary Stanley, Stratasys’ 3D printing product manager, highlights how designers have used their new Mojo desktop 3D Printer in the concept, design and testing phases and extended its use into fixture making and even final products.

Launch the webinar, sit back and let your mind ponder how you might use this sub-$10,000 3D printer.

Your download of this webinar is sponsored by Stratasys.

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