CFD Analysis for MCAD Designers: Better Products, Faster - Webinar

For years, CFD analysis has been reserved for specialists. With today’s drive to get higher performing products to market faster, this restriction is no longer acceptable. But new software exists that puts CFD into the designers’ familiar CAD environment and automates the CFD modeling process. The result: Designers get to quickly and easily simulate their designs, perform design variation “what-ifs”, and optimize their product designs, all without costly physical prototypes and re-spins, or the CFD-specialist level of expertise required by classical CFD software.

In this web seminar, renown PLM industry consulting and research company CIMdata, will discuss recent industry trends and business drivers for mechanical product companies. Mentor Graphics will then present a view of their next generation CFD for designers’ product, Concurrent CFD analysis tool FloEFD, followed by a short demo and an opportunity for Q&A from the audience.

What You Will Learn

  • How adoption of flow and thermal analysis tools in the early stages of design can help create better, more reliable products, faster
  • How CAD-embedded CFD analysis reduces design times
  • How changes in fluid flow can dramatically alter a product’s efficiency
  • How an engineer can quickly explore 'what-if' scenarios to optimize their design
  • Why virtual prototyping can outperform physical prototyping
  • How fast, accurate, built-in functionality can reduce the need for CFD analysis expertise accomplished in less time.

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