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Design Software - As a leading manufacturer of metal doors and window frames for high security environments, Trussbilt needed a way to migrate their 2D CAD system to 3D technology. - Download Now

Advanced Manufacturing - How will manufacturers decide where to make their products in 2015 and beyond? - Download Now

Design Software - The PTC Mathcad Prime integration with Solidworks enables Solidworks users to quickly and easily add analysis, verification and reporting to their engineering designs. - Download Now

Design Software - Do you have to re-engineer your FEA analysis every time you import a revised model? If you use FEMAP there is now a solution. - Download Now

Design Software - Product designers are increasingly being asked to use simulation tools in their design process. - Download Now

Design Software - Many companies are using additive manufacturing to create tooling faster and with less cost. - Download Now

Design Software - Like many automotive manufacturers, BMW uses additive manufacturing to make jigs and fixtures. They also use AM, specifically Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), to make hand tools that augment the work of assembly workers. - Download Now

Design Software - You’ve figured out that your team can benefit from PDM. Now you just need to convince your manager it would be a wise investment. But how? - Download Now

PLM/ERP - PLM systems hit a wall when they can’t adapt to new business requirements - requirements like adding software and electronics into your formerly mechanical products. - Download Now

Design Software - Every engineer who aspires to develop a new hardware device should hear what Scott N. Miller, CEO of Dragon Innovation has to say. - Download Now

Design Software - PDM can be overkill for small teams - Download Now

Electronics - Sensing and Ranging applications are beset by challenges, whether from harsh noisy environments such as in rain or snow, or from the high cost of implementations for commercial applications. - Download Now

3D Printing - The longer a product stays in the design cycle, the longer it takes to get to market. - Download Now

3D Printing - Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) is a process that produces parts directly from a CAD file. - Download Now

3D Printing - 3D Printing can add value to traditional manufacturing processes through building things like prototypes, master patterns and jigs and fixtures. - Download Now

PLM/ERP - What happens to a PLM system when it scales to 10,000 users? How about 250,00 users? - Download Now

PLM/ERP - According to the analysts at CIMdata, "configurability is the ability to adjust and/or define the behavior of a PLM solution in a manner that carries forward to the next-released version of the software solution without re-configuration." - Download Now

Design Software - The combination of tough markets, reduced headcount, tight budgets, and aggressive new product development targets means that manufacturers need to be able to design and develop products extremely efficiently to get the most out of their engineering efforts. - Download Now

Design Software - Today, engineering must balance the needs of manufacturing, procurement, customers and more, alongside those of the product’s form, fit and function. - Download Now

Design Software - A "practical PLM" solution delivers efficiencies right out of the gate, while easily scaling to meet evolving needs. - Download Now

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