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Design Software - Newly designed planes must ensure that should jet flames erupt in a power unit, they will be contained rather than burn-through and cause catastrophic failure. - Download Now

Design Software - Engineers and their companies can’t afford the continued risk of unmanaged (or manually managed) CAD data. - Download Now

Education - Reaching your goals requires practical leadership skills and top-notch technical expertise, and that is precisely how we designed the Georgetown University Systems Engineering Management master’s degree program. - Download Now

Education - Online graduate programs designed for working professionals from a leader in engineering research and education. - Download Now

Design Software - A natural focus when designing an electronics product is, well the electronics. - Download Now

Design Software - Historically, component temperature has been correlated with reliability, with early studies relating field failure rates to component temperature. - Download Now

Design Software - Many aspects of a PCB’s performance are determined during detailed design, e.g. making a trace a specific length for timing reasons. - Download Now

Design Software - Lots of desktop applications are moving to datacenters to get the advantages of virtualization. So why not engineering applications? - Download Now

Education - Start your research on Masters of Engineering Management programs with this free e-book. - Download Now

Design Software - Join PLM industry analyst, Oleg Shilovitsky, and founder and CEO of, Hardi Meybaum, for an interactive discussion about the pains of product development collaboration - and how to solve them. - Download Now

Design Software - Most design teams work with multiple CAD applications. Yet by standardizing on a single CAD platform, organizations can save money, enhance design collaboration and vastly improve CAD model reuse. - Download Now

Design Software - Don’t waste a minute longer waiting for your render to finish! Lagoa harnesses the power of the cloud to bring you photorealistic renders in just seconds. - Download Now

Design Software - CAD upgrade decisions evoke both anticipation and trepidation among engineering and IT managers. Are they really worth the expense and hassle? - Download Now

Design Software - Three important capabilities have recently been integrated into parametric CAD applications to make them more flexible. - Download Now

Design Software - Exceed VA TurboX allows you to access any UNIX application from anywhere, without the loss of performance or productivity typically associated with working off-site. - Download Now

Design Software - Remote application access has been an issue since the first computers were networked together. - Download Now

Design Software - Download Your 3D CAD Software Free Trial Today. - Download Now

Design Software - In the world of speedboat racing, there is no time or money to build prototypes. - Download Now

Design Software - Enabling remote design collaboration is a serious IT challenge. - Download Now

Design Software - Mathcad Express is a free version that allows any user access to features of Mathcad Prime 2.0 for an unlimited time. - Download Now

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