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Report: Fear of the CAD/CAM Combo – What’s Stopping Design to Manufacturing [eBook]

Design Software - CAM applications can dramatically shorten a company’s design to manufacturing cycle. Yet few machine shops have implemented truly integrated CAD to CAM processes.

White Paper: Four Ways 3D Printing Is Shaping Product Design and Manufacturing [White Paper]

3D Printing - Product engineers and tooling manufacturers have much to gain from 3D printing: By generating low-cost physical prototypes early in the design process, they can check form, fit and function, gauge customer response and compare design iterations without commitment.

LVS Boxing Helps Designers Knock Out Designs Quickly [White Paper]

Design Software - Keeping up with the demand for better, faster design flow performance while preserving the original layout hierarchy of a design can be very challenging during design verification.

Product Lifecycle Management - Beyond Managing CAD [White Paper]

PLM/ERP - Top performing companies don’t just integrate PLM with their enterprise systems – they also integrate PLM with their engineering tools and CAD systems.

A Cost Effective Solution for Linear Guide Wheel Applications [White Paper]

Advanced Manufacturing - Radial wheels can match production floor demands where debris or contaminates are present

Heavy Duty Vee Rings: An Alternative to Slewing Bearings [White Paper]

Advanced Manufacturing - Traditional slewing ring bearings are commonplace in wind turbines and heavy industries such as military and construction.

ASIC Design Made Cost Effective with Low Cost Tools and Masks [White Paper]

Design Software - For smaller projects or companies with modest design budgets, ASIC design is becoming a viable option due to low cost design tools and easy access to flexible, mature IC processes.

How to Perform Full-Spectrum RF Analysis for Nanometer-scale Integrated Circuits [White Paper]

Design Software - This white paper will review how to meet challenging IC specifications through superior "basic" RF circuit verification with ...

Verifying High-Performance PLLs and SerDes with the AFS Platform at Silicon Creations [White Paper]

Design Software - Silicon Creations supplies high-performance semi-custom analog and mixed-signal designs that can be optimized for ...

Mixed-Signal Verification of a PWM Ultrasound Driver with Analog FastSPICE AMS at Stanford Universit [White Paper]

Design Software - A recent case study, led by Professor Boris Murmann at Stanford University in the mixed-signal integrated circuit design research group, highlights design challenges by ...

Beta Testers Wanted for tool that Maintains Associativity when you Import Assemblies into SOLIDWORKS [Beta Test]

Design Software - Do you have to re-engineer your work each time you import a revised assembly into SOLIDWORKS? There is now a solution.

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Aerospace and Defense: A Look at the Horizon [White Paper]

Design Software - The aerospace industry is in the middle of an interesting period. On the one hand, the commercial aviation industry is taking off, recording amazing sales fueled by growth in Asia.

How Can Reuse Give You an Advantage in Industrial Products? [White Paper]

Design Software - Cutting costs and reducing the number of parts in a product is one of the most important aspects of industrial competitiveness.

How PLM Can Protect Your Product IP from Hacking and Data Breaches [White Paper]

PLM/ERP - Theft of intellectual property, especially product designs, can have a devastating impact on a company's brand and bottom line.

How Full-Color, Multi-Material 3D Printing Brings More Life to Your Models [White Paper]

3D Printing - One concern with 3D printing is the notion that it can only create monolithic models from a single material.

Additive Manufacturing is Reshoring Jobs, But Can the Trend Continue? [App]

3D Printing - North American manufacturing has been facing a rapidly-evolving future since the mid-1990s.

Why Commercial Aviation is on the Rise while Defense Aviation Falters [White Paper]

Design Software - The commercial aviation industry is taking off, enjoying record sales fueled by growth in Asia.

PLM is Strong With This One – Engineering Lessons from The Dark Side [eBook]

PLM/ERP - Have you ever wondered at the sheer number of suppliers involved in building the Millennium Falcon or an Imperial Star Destroyer?

Selecting an ERP System for an Engineer-to-Order Company [White Paper]

PLM/ERP - Most ERP systems don't support the project-based environments of Engineer-to-Order companies.

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