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If you have an energy that you would like to move from one place to another, from electricity to torque, then you will find the companies in our power transmission industry category useful. We have businesses that offer parts and mechanisms such as chains, belt drives, gears, linear motion bearings, lubrication systems, shafts, engines, and universal joints.

Alarms & Signalling

Audible & Visual Alarms & Signalling Equipment

Bearings, Bushes & Wheels

Ball and Roller, Sleave, Plastic Bearings, …



Brakes, Clutches & Couplings

Industrial Brake, Clutches & Friction Linings

Brakes, Couplings and Clutches

Rigid, Flexible, Friction,

Cables & Accessories

Cables, Cable Accessories, Cable Racking

CAD, Drawing & Design

Draughting, CAD Design, Software Packages…







Consulting / Design Engineers


Consulting / Design Engineers


Conveyor Systems & Accessories

Conveying System and Related Equipment

Display and Interface Units


Engines & Generators

Diesel & Gasoline Engines and Generator Sets

Fasteners, Springs & Fastening Systems


Filters, Classifiers & Presses


Flow Measurement

Magflow, Coriolis, Vortex, Ultrasonic,…

Frequency Inverters


Gear Units: Fixed Applications

Spur Gear Units

Gear Units: Vehicle Applications

Truck, Agricultural, Marine Gear Units,

Geared Motors and Reducers

Geared Motors and Reducers

Gears and Gearings

Cylindrical, Bevel, Worm Wheels, etc..




Commercial Electric, Industrial & Domestic Heaters

Indicators, Transmitters and Sensors




Laboratory Equipment & Services


Linear Motion Bearings


Lubricants & Lubrication Systems


Machining by Product


Machining, Fabrication & Production



Flow, Speed, Counters,…


Actuatind, Indexing

Medical Equipment & Accessories


Meters, Analysers & Monitors

Oscilloscopes, pH Meters, Spectrum Analysers…

Meters, Loggers & Monitors


Motion Control

Motion Control

Motor Control & Protection



AC, DC, Flameproof Motors …

Motors, Gears and Gearboxes

Petrol, Geared Electrical Motors, Spur, Bevel, Helical, Worm, Gears and Gearboxes, …


Networking Products and Services

Piping & Accessories

Piping, Clamps, Couplings, Fabricators

Plain Bearings


Plant Equipment Hire

Cranes, Generators, Winches,…

Power Generation

Hydro, Gas & Steam Turbine Generations, Diesel…

Power Supplies and Management


Pressure Measurement


Push Buttons, Controllers & Switches


Rolling Bearings



Proximity, Photoelectric, Infrared,…



Speed Variators

Mechanical, Hydrodynamic, Hydrostatic


SF6, Vacuum Switchgear

Temperature Measurement


Universal Joints


Valves & Actuators

Knife Gate, Butterfly, Ball Valves, ..

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