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There are many different aspects to working with metals and alloys. Our metal, steel, and metalworking industry category can put you in touch with companies that offer products and services related to this line of work. Here you can find many different alloys, CNC machining, CNC manufacturing, products such as fittings, sheet, strip and tube products, as well as welding & joining companies.

Alarms & Signalling

Audible & Visual Alarms & Signalling Equipment


Alloy Steels, Titanium Alloy, ...

Alloys : Alloy Steel


Alloys : Aluminum


Alloys : Copper Alloys


Alloys : Magnesium Alloys


Alloys : Nickel, Cobalt Alloys


Alloys : Stainless Steel


Alloys : Titanium Alloys


Alloys : Tool Steel


Automated Equipment & Solutions

Automatic Equipment & Solutions

Automation & Process Control

Industrial Automation, Inudstrial Robotics, ...

Bakery, Convection Systems & Equipment

Sytems and Equip. for the Bakery Industry

Brakes, Clutches & Couplings

Industrial Brake, Clutches & Friction Linings

Building Equipment


Building Materials

Concrete, Bricks, Timbers ….

Cables & Accessories

Cables, Cable Accessories, Cable Racking

CAD, Drawing & Design

Draughting, CAD Design, Software Packages…



Carbon Steel


Castings, Forgings & Pressings




Cleaners and Solvents


CNC Machinery

CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, CNC Turret Punch Presses

CNC Machining

Milling, Machining, Turning

Coding, Marking & Tracking


Consulting / Design Engineers


Consulting / Design Engineers


Conveyor Systems & Accessories

Conveying System and Related Equipment



Corrosion Protection

Structural steel, concrete, flooring corrosion protection

Design & Prototype Engineering


Display and Interface Units


EDM Machinery & Machining

Electrical Discharge Machines

Fabrication & Production


Fasteners, Springs & Fastening Systems


Filters, Classifiers & Presses




Flooring, Gratings & Handrailings


Flow Measurement

Magflow, Coriolis, Vortex, Ultrasonic,…


Aluminium, Cast Iron, etc...

Gaskets, Seals and Sealants



Drills, Angle Grinders, ...

Heat & Surface Treatment


Heat & Surface Treatment

Heat Treatmet Equipment and Services


Commercial Electric, Industrial & Domestic Heaters

Hoses & Fittings

Hoses, Fittings & Associated Equipment

Hygiene & Cleaning Products

Hygiene & Cleaning Products & Services

Indicators, Transmitters and Sensors


Inspection and Testing




Irrigation & Irrigation Accessories

Irrigation & Irrigation Accessories

Laboratory Equipment & Services


Level Measurement


Lifting Equipment & Accessories

Cranes, Forklifts, Chains,…

Lifting, Rigging and Skiding


Linings, Coatings, Insulation & Corrosion Protection

Abrasive Resistant Linings for Equipment, Piping, etc.

Lubricants & Lubrication Systems


Machine Shop Tools & Equipment






Machining by Material


Machining, Fabrication & Production


Machining, Fabrication, Production & Materials

Work on Metal, Plastic and Composite Materials

Maintenance and Repair





Flow, Speed, Counters,…



Mechanical Equipment and Accessories

Miscl. Mechanical Equipment

Medical Equipment & Accessories


Metals, Steel & Metalworking


Metalworking Machinery

Bending, Cutting, Milling, etc…

Meters, Analysers & Monitors

Oscilloscopes, pH Meters, Spectrum Analysers…

Meters, Loggers & Monitors


Paint and Finishes

Industrial Paints, Painting Contractors…

Piping & Accessories

Piping, Clamps, Couplings, Fabricators

Piping & Accessories

Piping, Clamps, Couplings, Fabricators

Plant & Equipment


Plant Equipment Hire

Cranes, Generators, Winches,…



Pneumatic Equipment & Air Tools


Precision Machining


Precision Metals

Precision Metal Products

Pressure Measurement


Pressure Vessels


Product - Bar Products

Various Metal & Steel Bar Products

Product - Brass Products

Brass Components, Inserts, ...

Product - Coil Products


Product - Fittings


Product - Pipe Products

Various Steels and Grade Pipes

Product - Plate Products


Product - Rod Products

Various Metal & Steel Rod Products

Product - Sections


Product - Sheet Products

Various Metal & Steel Sheet Products

Product - Strip


Product - Tube Products

Various Metal & Steel Tube Products

Product - Wire Products


Publications & Software

Engineering Related Software


Centrifugal, Diaphragm Pumps, …

Push Buttons, Controllers & Switches


Reinforcing, Structural Products & Materials

Reinforcing Steel, Rebar Cages, Channel, Bricks, Concrete …

Safety Equipment & Systems

Footwear, Headgear, Overalls, etc…

Semiconductors - Discretes



Proximity, Photoelectric, Infrared,…



Sheet Metal Work and Equipment




Special Purpose Equipment



Stainless, Mild Steel, Tubing ...

Steel & Stainless Steel

Various Steels and Grades


Concrete, Reinforcing, Walls, Steel Frames

Temperature Measurement


Test, Commissioning & Maintenance

Testing, Surveys, Site Measurement, Commissioning and Maintenance

Tools & Accessories

Machine, Cutting Tools, Inserts, etc…

Training & Education

Training Courses, ...

Valves & Actuators

Knife Gate, Butterfly, Ball Valves, ..

Vessels, Tanks & Storage

Tanks, Silos, Hoppers …

Welding and Joining


Welding, Joining & Accessories

Brazing, Welding, ...



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