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NASA’s newest Martian orbiter is beginning to reveal key features about the loss of the planet... More >>


Don’t miss a moment of the adventure when software engineer David Wheeler finds himself embroiled in... More >>


Every year students have to interview engineers as part of their studies. Can you please help them o... More >>


Our editors contacted eleven universities offering online Master of Engineering programs.  Of t... More >>


Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE Exam) More >>


Containment ideas from users for the BP oil spill. More >>


The net force acting on a body accelerates it. But it takes something to give the body an angular ac... More >>


A 12-story building in China, laying on the ground. More >>


Creeping closer inch by inch, 900 feet above the mighty Colorado River, the two sides of a $160 mill... More >>


Why is advertising wasted? It's because most advertising isn't targeted at the right people at a tim... More >>


Air Flow Conversion Calculator More >>


Laser Real Time Unit Converter More >>


Beam Deflection Calculators - Solid Rectangular Beams, Hollow Rectangular Beams, Solid Round Beams More >>


Convert values to and from dozens of energy measurements. More >>


There are a number of complex equations that deal with water pump engineering. Although not difficul... More >>


It calculates the maximum torque that can be transmitted by a clutch that is undergoing uniform wear... More >>


High Speed Machining has brought major benefits to manufacturers and will continue to do so. However... More >>


This calculator calculates the properties of welds when treated as lines. More >>


The calculator computes ratios to free stream values across an oblique shock wave, turn angle, wave ... More >>


This calculator uses Chézy and Manning's formula to calculate the wetted perimeter, hydraulic radius... More >>


The calculator computes ratios to free stream values across a normal shock wave and compares pressur... More >>


The calculator computes the pressure, density and temperature ratios in an isentropic flow to zero v... More >>


The calculator will estimate the number of cubic yards that will be required. More >>


The calculator will display the number of cubic yards required. More >>


The calculator will estimate the number of cubic yards that will be required. Note that this is an e... More >>


This calculator helps you compute key properties of earth's atmosphere and aerodynamic quantities on... More >>


In 1686 Sir Isaac Newton published his work on the law of gravity in his Mathematical Principles of ... More >>


Thermodynamics is the study of relationship between energy and entropy, which deals with heat and wo... More >>


These force laws, together with the laws of motion, are the foundations of classical mechanics. They... More >>


Shortly after Oersted's discovery in 1819 that a compass needle is deflected by a current-carrying c... More >>


There are a few forms of this rule, and it can be applied in many ways. Originally, it was a trick f... More >>


Also called Pascal's Principle Pascal's law — d... More >>


Ohm's law was named after George Simon Ohm. It states that for many materials (including most metals... More >>


Newton's Law of Cooling More >>


Law of Atmospheres and Boltzmann Law More >>


Kepler's Laws More >>


Ideal Gas Law More >>


Generalized Hooke's Law More >>


Faraday's Law of Induction More >>


Coulomb's Law More >>


Buoyant Forces and Archimedes' Principle More >>


Ampere's Law More >>


Telescope More >>


Solar Oven More >>


Small Motor More >>


Seismograph More >>


Rotary Steam Engine More >>


Range Finder More >>


Match Stick Rocket More >>


Large Motor More >>


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