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Parking Facility Design More >>


Level 4 Containment Labs More >>


KEVLAR® More >>


Ferrari More >>


Hardware Hacking More >>


Guggenheim Museum More >>


Genesis by KML Engineered Homes More >>


DNA Computers More >>


Designing For Safety More >>


Cross Canada in a Solar Car More >>


Columbite-tantalite (COLTAN) More >>


Canary Wharf More >>


A maturing Market More >>


The Great Wall started as earth works thrown up for protection by different States. The individual s... More >>


The construction of the Channel Tunnel and its railway system is one of the greatest technological a... More >>


The Three Gorges Dam More >>


The Big Dig More >>


Taj Mahal More >>


The Cassini Spacecraft 1 More >>


Cypress Street Viaducts More >>


Roman Coliseum More >>


Petronas Twin Towers More >>


Chernobyl More >>


B.F. Goodrich More >>


ASME vs Hydrolevel More >>


Apollo 1 More >>


Accepting Gifts More >>


Syncrude More >>


Aberdeen More >>


Hoover Dam More >>


The Great Pyramids of Giza More >>


Eiffel Tower More >>


Confederation Bridge More >>


Laerdal Tunnel More >>


California High-Speed Railway More >>


Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (also spelled ROENTGEN) was German physicist who was a recipient of the first... More >>


Wilbur and Orville Wright were American brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who achieved the ... More >>


Thomas Alva Edison was the quintessential American inventor. He invented the phonograph, the carbon-... More >>


Stephanie Louise Kwolek’s research with high performance chemical compounds for the DuPont Company l... More >>


Isaac Newton's life can be divided into three quite distinct periods. The first is his boyhood days ... More >>


Samuel Colt was an American firearms manufacturer who popularized the revolver. More >>


Sadi Carnot (NICOLAS-LÉONARD-SADI CARNOT) was a French scientist who described the Carnot ... More >>


Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel was a German thermal engineer who invented the internal-combustion engi... More >>


Richard Phillips Feynman developed a new approach to quantum mechanics using the principle of least ... More >>


René Descartes was a philosopher whose work, La géométrie, includes his application of algebra to ge... More >>


In November of 1999 Randice-Lisa "Randi" Altschul was issued a series of patents for the world's fir... More >>


Pythagoras of Samos is often described as the first pure mathematician. He is an extremely important... More >>


Pierre-Simon Laplace's father, Pierre Laplace, was comfortably well off in the cider trade. Laplace'... More >>


Pierre de Fermat's father was a wealthy leather merchant and second consul of Beaumont- de- Lomagne.... More >>


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