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Christian Knutson
Christian Knutson, P.E., PMP is a leader, engineer, international infrastructure development program manager, and author and retired U.S. Air Force civil engineering officer. Knutson understood early in his engineering career the importance core skills like communications, relationships, and goal setting play in an engineer’s career, using them to great effect. You can access more of his work at The Engineering Career Coach website.

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6 Performance Indicators to Monitor Your Engineering Career
Engineering organizations use measures to ensure alignment with strategy and to ensure success. Why...
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Goals Are Interesting, But A Strategy Is Compelling
Goal setting is proven to lead to success for people. Without an overarching strategy to guide one'...
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Want To Be An Effective Engineer Leader? It Starts By Being an Effective Follower
Effective engineer leaders don’t become so overnight, they must evolve. While books, classes, and s...
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Resolving Conflict In Your Engineering Career
An engineer leader has many responsibilities, conflict resolution being chief among them. Nothing l...
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Delivering Feedback As An Engineer Leader
Delivering effective feedback as an engineer leader can be one of the most difficult tasks to undert...
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4 Reasons to Put the Rumor Mill Out of Production
The rumor mill may seem like an innocent way to connect with office colleagues and fit in. But it’s...
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Relocate Yourself to Refresh the Mind
Gaining perspective sometimes requires a separation between where you work and where you can do your...
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Rhythm, Cycles and Your Productivity - Unlocking the Secrets to Sustained Performance in Your Engineering Career
Generating sustained high levels of productivity in your engineering career requires more than 3 cup...
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Generating First Class Work in Your Engineering Career By Purposely Relaxing
Sustained delivery of first class work in one's engineering career can only occur through purposeful...
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5 Benefits of Using A Team Charter On Your Next Engineering Project
Whenever you have a chance to reduce risk and the number of assumptions in a project, take it. When...
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