Leadership – the type that makes someone pull an all-nighter to meet a client deadline or shut... More >>


How to use your knowledge to get yourself on the speaker’s podium. More >>


About three years ago, I founded a speaking and training company to help engineers with their career... More >>


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This is a guest post by Christian Knutson, P.E., PMP, leadership coach, civil engineer, author and a... More >>


This discussion series is an excerpt of my book: The Competence Myth – Why your tech... More >>


We’re all engineers, so naturally we think we’re above average when it comes to cognitiv... More >>


Condensing a lifetime of events into a simple statement that packs a punch can feel as challenging a... More >>


On the list of the many things engineers consider when searching for employment or a new opportunity... More >>


Leadership is the kind of thing that seems impossible to characterize. It’s the kind of thing ... More >>


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