Leadership is About Leverage

Putting leverage to work on the job means tapping into the knowledge, skills, an capacity of others.... More >>
Can You Engineer Passion? (part 5 of 5)

A discussion series excerpted from my book: The Competence Myth: Why Your Technical Skills... More >>
Are You Willing to Do Anything to Find Your Engineering Dream Job?

I have provided career coaching to countless engineers through the Institute for Engineering Career ... More >>
Battle of Brain-ville
As big, bad, and complex as the human brain is, the reality of it still remains…this thing ca...
More >>
Your Career: Off-The-Rack or Bespoke?

After twenty years of working at it, as well as helping others work on theirs, I’ve come to re... More >>
Can You Engineer Passion? (part 4 of 5)

When so much is changing around us, it’s easy to feel that we have little or no control over t... More >>
What’s Your Plan B?

The other day I was engaged in a conversation with a colleague talking about upcoming furloughs in o... More >>
Can You Engineer Passion? (part 3 of 5)

Engineering is a rewarding --but very demanding job.  At a certain point, it’s easy to ge... More >>
Engineer Your Own Success in Your Career by Telling Someone that You Will Succeed

I’ve learned that one way to facilitate success as an engineer, or in any profession for that ... More >>
Make Your Next Business Trip An Opportunity to Grow

Many people like to travel. Some like to travel for work, those intrepid road warriors slogging on d... More >>

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