Forget the fact that you’ve never traveled outside the U.S. or that you don’t posses a p... More >>


It's inevitable that some projects, both work-related and life-related, will fail.  It’s ... More >>


In the global economy, your technical skills only take you so far. In the post-recession era, the w... More >>


Something that is very important to consider before accepting any engineering job is how it will aff... More >>


The onslaught of “get things done” software tools, books and blog posts about great tips... More >>


In any job you’re doing you’ve got to be good at gauging your own performance.  It ... More >>


The day has come, and you are getting ready to head out to the engineering job interview that you wo... More >>


Is the problem that there’s not enough time or is it not enough focus on what’s really i... More >>


I often draw on quotes in my career to provide inspiration and motivation to strive towards my goals... More >>


Talking in every professional situation requires advanced thought.  Even if you're an old pro a... More >>


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