A couple days ago, I posted an article where I listed 67 ways you could become the top engineer in y... More >>


I used to be terrible at email. And you probably still are. But it's not because you can't write e... More >>


Putting leverage to work on the job means tapping into the knowledge, skills, an capacity of others.... More >>


A discussion series excerpted from my book: The Competence Myth: Why Your Technical Skills... More >>


I have provided career coaching to countless engineers through the Institute for Engineering Career ... More >>


As big, bad, and complex as the human brain is, the reality of it still remains…this thing ca... More >>


After twenty years of working at it, as well as helping others work on theirs, I’ve come to re... More >>


When so much is changing around us, it’s easy to feel that we have little or no control over t... More >>


The other day I was engaged in a conversation with a colleague talking about upcoming furloughs in o... More >>


Engineering is a rewarding --but very demanding job.  At a certain point, it’s easy to ge... More >>


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