If you went to engineering school in Canada, you've probably heard the slogan "Engineers Rule the Wo... More >>


Think your VP position or partner status means that you’re not vulnerable to having to find a ... More >>


I have had the pleasure of speaking for engineers and engineering students across the country about ... More >>


In most cases more is usually considered better.  More sales leads turn into more opportunities... More >>


There is an enormous body of knowledge published with a million different tips, tricks, or shortcuts... More >>


Which communication skill is most important: listening, writing, or speaking?  Given the nearly... More >>


Regardless of your age or experience level as an engineer, I bet that you can think of one or two pi... More >>


Forget the fact that you’ve never traveled outside the U.S. or that you don’t posses a p... More >>


It's inevitable that some projects, both work-related and life-related, will fail.  It’s ... More >>


In the global economy, your technical skills only take you so far. In the post-recession era, the w... More >>


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