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Designer Edge - NASA releases an unprecedented, mosaic view of our nearest galactic neighbor Andromeda, pushing the boundary of what Hubble can produce.  More>>

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We Configured a Powerhouse Workstation from BOXX for Multi-CAD and Rendering

Design Software - How to configure CPU, RAM, Disk and GPU in the APEXX 4 7901 for Inventor, SolidWorks, CATIA,... More>>



Three Strategies for Obtaining Credentials and Propelling Your Engineering Career

Jobs - I discuss why credentials are important in your engineering career and provide strategies for... More>>


TROBO - storytelling robot sparks interest in STEM fields

Education - Plush robot reads stories out loud to young children, teaches about science and engineering. More>>


Unilever Leverages 3D Printing to Slash Injection Molding Lead Times

3D Printing - Mega-corp Unilever uses 3D printing to slash its injection molding lead times? Can 3DPrinting... More>>


Death of a Dynamo - A Hard Drive From Space

Designer Edge - What will the future of Earth's magnetic field look like? Researchers have uncovered clues from... More>>



Accelerating Particles Without a Push

Designer Edge - A new discovery suggests that there may be a way for sub-atomic particles to propel themselves... More>>


Can A New Project Clean Up Low Earth Orbit

Designer Edge - Can new satellite design requirements help reduce the amount of space debris littering low-Earth... More>>


A New Laser to Improve Computing Speed?

Designer Edge - A new germanium-tin laser reveals its ability to transmit data via photons. Does it have a... More>>


Cosmic Radio Phenomenon Caught in Real Time

Designer Edge - A previously unobserved radio phenomenon is discovered by radio telescopes. What are these... More>>



3D Printed Chair Reveals a Poetic, Remarkable Past

3D Printing - The Welsh government has printed a replica chair with a remarkable history. Part poem, part... More>>


C2000 Solar Development Kits

Electronics - Given the size of global energy consumption, there is no question that as soon as solar... More>>


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