Strengthening Calcite with Evolution and Engineering

Using biomimicry and a highly-abundant mineral to develop new fabrication materials.

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Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology—Many Things at the Same Time

'Siemens’ tools revise the way parts are made and modified by addressing limitations of history-based modeling.'

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New GE Plant Uses Anthropomorphic Robots, 3D Printing

Gas turbine parts for oil and gas applications made with multiple processes.

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Essentium’s Thermal Welding Tech Brings Z-Axis Strength to 3D-Printed Parts

A new device applies an electric field to 3D-printed parts to bring added strength to the Z-axis.

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Ohio State University Wins EcoCAR3 Challenge

An eco-friendly muscle car? This hybrid electric Camaro delivers up to 300 horsepower.

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Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Opportunities for Students

MIT and Lockheed Martin formalize research partnership for developing generation-after-next robots and autonomous systems.

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Samsung Funds IoT Platform for the Smart Home and Beyond

Samsung hopes Afero's platform will improve IoT interoperability.

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Augmented Reality for Architects and Civil Engineers

Combining digital data with the real world for an augmented reality.

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Exocam Powered by ModuleWorks Launched at LMT Lab Day 2016 in Chicago

New machining, simulation technology promises rapid toolpath calculation times, fast machining for dentistry.<br /> <br />

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