4 Ways Your Smart Home Can Be Hacked

Researchers used security loopholes to conduct cyber-attacks on an experimental Smart Home network.

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The Battle of MCAD

'How does Fusion 360 compare to Onshape in the mobile CAD realm?'

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7 Questions on Additive Manufacturing in the US

Survey investigates potential disruptive effects of 3D printing on manufacturing.

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Mars Lander to Be Boosted by 3D-Printed Methane Fuel Pump

NASA completes tests on a 3D-printed turbopump for liquid methane rocket fuel.

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Robotic Exoskeletons Deliver Real Super Powers for Real People

Becoming super powered doesn’t require being born on a distant world or being bitten by a radioactive spider any more.

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Engineers Seek to Improve Teflon’s Wear Resistance and Durability

University of Arkansas engineers study interaction of Teflon and polydopamine at the nano-level.

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PLM This Week: An All-Time High for Arena

Also: ThingWorx optimizes smart grid solutions. Toshiba Machine implements Aras Innovator.

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Intel CEO Has His Head in the IoT Clouds

Brian Krzanich discusses core beliefs about the future of connectivity.

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ESPRIT Releases CAM Software Update

ESPRIT 2016 is released featuring an improved lathe tool, among other enhancements.

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