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Electronics - Recent improvements in EV technology may cause mass extinction of fossil fueled vehicles.   More>>

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How Designers use Simulation - Live Webinar

Design Software - Simulation is becoming a common part of the product designer's toolkit. Join analyst Chad... More>>


Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Civil and Structural Designs

Design Software - Scia Engineer's helping Civil and Structural Engineer Design Faster More>>


President Obama Awards Two Stanford STEM Professors

Education - National Medal of Science goes to two Stanford professors. More>>



Best Practices in Outsourced Manufacturing

Design Software - In this 45 page eBook you will learn that one size does not fit all when it comes to outsourcing... More>>


Researchers Develop World’s Thinnest Electric Generator

Designer Edge - Researchers build the World's thinnest electric generator. Could the piezoelectric prototype... More>>


Are you ready for the FE Exam?!

Education - Our Poll suggests, not yet. More>>


Nanomaterials Play a New Support Role in Cancer Treatment

Designer Edge - Unique materials provide enhanced immune response with greater efficiency More>>


Open source baby robots

Designer Edge - Yves-Pierre Oudeyer discusses the ways he taught robots to explore, experiment and fabricate to... More>>


A New Laser Tractor Beam Attracts & Repels Objects

Designer Edge - Australian engineers build a tractor beam that can both attract and repel objects. Could it be... More>>


Secrective X-37B Space Plane Returns to Earth After Record Flight

Designer Edge - The OTV-3 conducted on-orbit experiments for 674 days during its mission, extending the total... More>>


Lockheed Announces Unexpected Fusion Breakthrough

Designer Edge - Lockheed engineers announce they've made a breakthrough in fusion technology, and will deliver a... More>>


ELF - solar pedal hybrid vehicle for commuters

Designer Edge - Organic Transit in Durham, North Carolina produces ELF, a vehicle powered by you and the sun. More>>


Biomedical Center Aims to Accelerate Innovation

Education - A new technology incubator at Yale is focused on medical innovation. More>>


The Salmon Cannon - fast economical fish transport

Designer Edge - Whooshh Innovation uses a novel method to get fish across man made barriers. More>>


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