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Designer Edge - So, what would a Death Star-like laser weapon look like? Polish physicists will be happy to show you.  More>>

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US August Manufacturing Technology Orders Up Slightly

Advanced Manufacturing - Slight drop expected as auto changeovers take effect More>>


White Paper

Upgrading PLM without Re-Configuring

PLM/ERP - According to the analysts at CIMdata, "configurability is the ability to adjust and/or define... More>>


Precise and Programmable Biological Circuits

Designer Edge - Researchers have developed several new components for biological circuits One day they may be... More>>



Fast FE on Complex Models with NX Nastran on the Rescale Cloud Platform – Live Webinar

Design Software - Let's say your model has millions of degrees-of-freedom, like this automotive model that solves... More>>


The Coldest Known Place in the Universe is a Block of Copper in Italy

Designer Edge - Where's the coldest place in the known Universe? Chances are you wouldn't guess it's in an... More>>



How Designers use Simulation - Live Webinar

Design Software - Simulation is becoming a common part of the product designer's toolkit. Join analyst Chad... More>>


Project EV: An Adventure in STEM Innovation

Education - Student team hacks an electric vehicle from household parts More>>


Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Civil and Structural Designs

Design Software - Scia Engineer's helping Civil and Structural Engineer Design Faster More>>


President Obama Awards Two Stanford STEM Professors

Education - National Medal of Science goes to two Stanford professors. More>>


A New View of Cancer and Tissue Regeneration Thanks to Biopolymers

Designer Edge - New fluorescence allows for improved diagnostics and treatment. More>>


Measuring on Ice: Researchers Create “Smart” Ice Skating Blade

Designer Edge - An new, wired ice skating blade can inform figure skaters of the stresses they are imposing on... More>>



Best Practices in Outsourced Manufacturing

Design Software - In this 45 page eBook you will learn that one size does not fit all when it comes to outsourcing... More>>


Researchers Develop World’s Thinnest Electric Generator

Designer Edge - Researchers build the World's thinnest electric generator. Could the piezoelectric prototype... More>>


NASA Contemplates Hibernation Technology

Designer Edge - NASA begins to contemplate the viability of space-borne hibernation. Could the tech make... More>>


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