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3D Printing - GE and Italian aerospace Co. Avio have developed a breakthrough technique for printing lightweight aero components.  More>>

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Autodesk brings NASTRAN to the Cloud and into CAD Applications

Design Software - NASTRAN upgrade for Simulation Mechanical, Simulation Flex, and Inventor More>>


NASA Reports First Discovery of Interstellar Stardust

Designer Edge - NASA discovers what it believes may be the first interstellar dust ever collected. More>>


Man-made Tidal Lagoons Could Transform UK Power & Economy

Designer Edge - Ambitious UK plan looks to the sea to transform Wales’ economy and energy needs. More>>


MOVE - motion activated running lights

Designer Edge - Hallway runner lights that consist mainly of LED lighting strips, motion sensors and standard... More>>


Turnkey IO-Link Sensor Transmitter: A Rapid-Prototyping Platform

Electronics - IO-Link is a standard protocol to communicate with sensors and actuators. More>>


One Engineer’s Perspective on Global Warming

Designer Edge - An engineer reviews discussions on global warming. More>>


US Navy Repairs Wounded Harrier with 3DP Parts

3D Printing - After a rough landing a few weeks back, US Navy engineers repair a damaged Harrier using 3D... More>>


Harvard's 1,000 Robot Swarm

Designer Edge - Harvard roboticists train a 1,000 bot swarm to arrange themselves into complex shapes. Can these... More>>


Is Storage Necessary for Renewable Energy?

Electronics - Conventional wisdom says that a renewable energy future depends on energy storage. Maybe not. More>>


Mercedes' Bulletproof Sedan

Designer Edge - Mercedes enters the security market adding a sophisticated, bulletproof and explosion-proof... More>>


The Market for PLM Services: Why Accenture thinks they can rattle IBM

PLM/ERP - While they might not be the celebrities of the PLM market, the consulting giants still play a... More>>


Verbatim Enters the 3D Printing Market with its New Filaments

3D Printing - Data storage giant Verbatim is set to enter the 3D printing market with its own line of filament... More>>


Jaguar Reveal its Next Lightweight E-Type Speedster

Designer Edge - Jaguar reveals the prototype for its newest Lightweight E-Type auto. Looking to get one? Better... More>>


Can our Computers Continue to Get smaller and More Powerful?

Designer Edge - Can our computers continue to get smaller and more powerful? Scientists are looking into the... More>>


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