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Designer Edge - One of the world's fastest moving machines is set to go up for auction. What would you pay for a hypersonic rocket?  More>>

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Campus Perks You Miss with an Online Engineering Masters

Education - As convenient as an Online Masters is, you can miss out on certain opportunities. More>>


Mathematica 10 Launches with 700+ New Functions

Design Software - Mathematica 10 was launcher earlier this month with over 700 new features. From new users to... More>>


Tiranis Drone Debuts Radar Eluding Stealth

Designer Edge - Taranis - the most advanced aircraft ever built by British engineers - flew in a fully... More>>


UK Lab Creates World’s Darkest Material

Designer Edge - A new ultra-black material could lead to the development of higher sensitivity telescopes and... More>>


Dark Matter Research Gets an Overhaul

Designer Edge - More collaboration, more technology, more probability. More>>


Tiny Laser Sensor Heightens Bomb Detection Sensitivity

Designer Edge - New technology under development at UC Berkeley could soon give bomb-sniffing dogs some serious... More>>


JSOL to update Electromagnetic Multiphysics Code for STAR-CCM+

Design Software - Improved Co-Simulation of Thermal and Electromagnetics to be Developed. More>>


MOOCs for Engineers Looking for an Online Masters

Education - Johns Hopkins, Google, AT&T and Germany’s TU9 offer Massive Open Online Courses. More>>


Molecular Cage Filters Rare and Dangerous Gases

Designer Edge - New material for filtering out noble gases can save money and lives. More>>


Nanoleaf Bloom - a lightbulb with integrated dimmer

Designer Edge - The Nanoleaf Bloom is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its internally controlled dimming... More>>


3D Printer Manufacturer Tinkerine Studios: High Return Potential With Mitigated Risk

3D Printing - Investors in 3D printing stocks have been on a wild ride over the last year. More>>


Students Build Record-Breaking Solar Electric Car

Electronics - A team of Australian students is building a solar electric car that's capable of high speed and... More>>


70% of College Presidents Want Disruptive Change

Education - Education Bigwigs want Changes to Improve Student Learning More>>


BMW Sponsors Locally Supported 3D Printed, Auto Design

3D Printing - Could 3D printing bring locally manufactured autos to remote areas of the planet? BMW thinks so... More>>


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