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Electronics - Stack Lighting has a goal: eliminate the light switch. Will its smart LED bulb make that happen?  More>>

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voxeljet VX1000 3D Printer: Industrial Scale Sand Casting & Prototyping

3D Printing - Large format 3D Printer is designed for short-run, highly complex industrial component producers. More>>


Advanced Light Source Sets Microscopy Record

Designer Edge - Researchers have achieved highest resolution ever with X-ray microscopy. Can better nano-imaging... More>>


Porex’s Journey to Collaborative Integration with Cloud-based PLM

Design Software - How one manufacturer addressed their data management issues for product development More>>


Ant-Sized Radios to Connect the World

Designer Edge - Engineers at Stanford have created a cheap, miniature radio-on-a-chip that could catalyze the... More>>


Six Unconventional Actions for Standing Out from the Crowd as an Engineer

Jobs - Six actions that you can take to stand out as an engineer. More>>


Sci-fi Concept Becomes Movie Prop reality in Less Than 2 Weeks

3D Printing - What do you do when you need a highly detailed and fully functional movie prop in a hurry? More>>


Soft Robots Evolve to Be More Rugged

Designer Edge - A new, rugged soft-robot tackles many of the problems plaguing this emerging tech. More>>


Where Search & Discover Solutions Fit in Product Development

Design Software - A framework for evaluating which vendors match the needs for product development teams More>>


New Chips are Bringing Factory Automation into the Era of Industry 4.0

Electronics - The key is new processors with longer range sensing and multi-protocol communications More>>


It’s Only PDM. What Are You Waiting For?

Design Software - Regardless of your job description, as an engineer or designer data management is one of the... More>>


Thinking of Turning Pro? Why Engineers Get Professional Licenses

Education - Is a professional engineering license worth your while? More>>


Pesky Insect Inspires Practical Technology

Designer Edge - Inspired by the compound eyes of common fly, Penn State researchers determine how to make... More>>


IEEE offers a Powerful Digital Library for Engineering Research

Electronics - IEEE Xplore is a trustworthy search tool for cutting-edge engineering topics More>>


A New Electric Rotary Motor Under Development

Designer Edge - A tabletop motor using an entirely new driving principle is under development More>>


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