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Designer Edge - With space-based sensors streaming from planets, moons, comets and the stars, NASA looks to lasers to meet their bandwidth needs.  More>>

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Toyota’s Awesome Atkinson Cycle Engine

Designer Edge - Toyota announces two super-efficient, small-displacement engines capable of 78 mpg. More>>


Japanese Researchers Create 3D Bone Printer

3D Printing - Japanese researchers have developed a 3D printer capable of printing implantable bone-like material. More>>


How the Internet-of-Things Will Shape the Future

Electronics - Where will the IOT take us? Here are some theories. More>>


Zuta - the mini Robotic Printer

Designer Edge - Zuta allows users to print anywhere using a small robotic printer. More>>


DARPA Seeks a Stealth Motorcycle

Designer Edge - DARPA is funding an effort to develop a hybrid-electric stealth motorcycle for use by US Special... More>>


Voting Starts on the Webby Awards

Education - Webby Awards show us there is still plenty to learn on the Internet. More>>


Blackboard and Internet2’s Quest to Innovate Higher Education

Education - Blackboard joins with Internet2 to bring moonshots to higher education. More>>


Flexible Scale Brings Health Home for Wheelchair Users

Education - Students at Olin College innovate to help disabled persons monitor their weight. More>>


Storing Solar Energy as Heat

Electronics - Research at MIT is creating thermal batteries that store heat in chemical bonds that retain heat... More>>


3D Printing Delicate Cochlear Implants

3D Printing - A German company has used 3D printing technology to create minute and complex components that... More>>


CSU - Master of Engineering Management

Education - Online graduate programs designed for working professionals from a leader in engineering... More>>


Stanford Unlocks Green Ethanol from Carbon Monoxide NOT Biomass

Designer Edge - Researchers discover copper catalyst that can efficiently produce ethanol from CO. More>>


Nine Points for Preparing and Getting the Most out of Attending Engineering Conferences

Jobs - Nine specific steps to prepare for and get the most out of attending engineering conferences. More>>


MIT uses Sponge Structures for energy storage

Designer Edge - Mircea Dinca from MIT works with highly absorbent, highly tunable metallic sponge structures. More>>


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