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Designer Edge - A recently patented VR headset could change the way you perceive economy air travel.  More>>

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The RENDERiT Contest is Underway

Design Software - Win a 3D Printer from IMAGINiT Technologies and Rand Worldwide. More>>


Lockheed Conducts Airborne Laser Turret Field Test

Designer Edge - Lockheed Martin successfully field tests an airborne laser weapon turret for DARPA. More>>


Engineering Fields That are Dead

Jobs - Saying you’re an engineer is like saying you’re an artist: It could mean you’re at the top of... More>>


Optimize Gear Cooling with Volume of Fluid Simulations

Design Software - How Toyota Improved Heat Flow in their Drive Units while Reducing Weight. More>>


”Great ERP, worse PLM” - What SAP PLM needs to sharpen its competitive edge

PLM/ERP - Someone once said that SAP "is the IT company people love to hate" More>>


White Paper

The 10 Myths of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Design Software - Some five years ago we felt compelled to write our whitepaper “The Five Myths of Computational... More>>


Nanoscience Makes Your Wine Better

Designer Edge - A new nanosensor mimics how your reacts when you drink wine. Could the new tool improve the... More>>


Octopus Inspired Camouflage

Designer Edge - Engineers at the University of Illinois have built a flexible material that changes colour to... More>>


NASA Picks Boeing & SpaceX as Its Private Space Carriers

Designer Edge - NASA is a step closer to launching rockets from U.S. soil as Boeing SpaceX get the nod as the... More>>


Harvard Awarded DARPA Exosuit Contract

Designer Edge - Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have been awarded a $2.9M contract to continue... More>>


Can your Search Tool Find Similarly Shaped Files? – Mine Does!

Design Software - Easily find and reuse parts across the enterprise More>>



Using Algorithms to Evaluate Designs for Jet Engines and Aircraft

Design Software - In this webinar, Dr. Charles Roche of Pratt & Whitney will outline how algorithms can be used to... More>>


Don’t Let the ‘Check Engine Light’ Worry You Again

Education - Georgia Tech Engineering students start a car app company. More>>


Nano-Ceramics Shatter Material Expectations

Designer Edge - Researchers at Caltech recently announced the development of the world’s strongest and lightest... More>>


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