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Designer Edge - Researchers at the University of Rochester have created a 3D cloaking device from nothing more than common lenses.  More>>

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Scientists Debut Liquid Metal 3D Printing Method

3D Printing - Researchers develop a 3D printing method that uses low melting point alloy ink" to build... More>>


Selecting a Compression Spring for Smooth and Precise Control

Designer Edge - Wave springs can be designed for flexibility across a wide range of applications More>>


Stratasys, UPS Team up to Bring 3DP to 100 Stores in the US

3D Printing - Stratasys and UPS team up to bring 3DPrinting to 100 shipping locations nationwide. Will it... More>>


Making Cement Greener

Designer Edge - A new formula for cement could make the material much greener by reducing its CO2 emissions. More>>


Scrobby - a robot to scrub solar panels

Designer Edge - Scrobby is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund production manufacturing for the robot that... More>>


NASA Telescopes Detect Clear Skies, Water Vapor on Exoplanets

Designer Edge - NASA Telescopes Detect Clear Skies, Water Vapor on far flung worlds? Will an Earth-analogue be... More>>


Underwater Robots Could Increase Port Security

Designer Edge - MIT researchers unveiled an oval-shaped submersible robot, a little smaller than a football,... More>>


When Does a Software Side Project Become Company Property?

Designer Edge - You're a hard working computer programmer for a successful company. As much as you love your... More>>


Police Motorcycles Go Green

Electronics - California police departments are going green and saving money with electric motorcycles. More>>


Triton UAV Completes Cross-Country Navy Test

Designer Edge - he MQ-4C Triton drone completes its latest flight tests, crossing the US in under 11 hours. Will... More>>


Labs-On-A-Chip Make Prototyping a Snap

Designer Edge - A new Lego-like building block could reduce the cost of Lab-on-a-Chip development, catalyzing... More>>


A New Liquid Battery Formula Could Make Solar, Wind More Competitive

Designer Edge - Cheaper, longer lasting materials could enable liquid battery systems that make wind, solar and... More>>


Nine Tips on How to Write Clear, Concise and Powerful E-mails for Engineers

Jobs - Nine Tips on How to Write Clear, Concise and Powerful E-mails for Engineers More>>


Diamond Nanothreads Push the Potential of Carbon

Designer Edge - Unique material promises even higher strength than other carbon nanomaterials. More>>


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