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Electronics - Are gas-powered peaker plants going the way of the dinosaur? This 100 MW battery might be the proverbial asteroid that drives them into extinction.  More>>

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Raytheon Wins $2.4 billion Patriot Missile Order from Qatar

Advanced Manufacturing - Qatar is the 13th global customer for the Patriot system More>>


Simple Tips to Speed up NX Nastran Simulations

Design Software - I/O speed is the key to rapid NX Nastran runtimes More>>


Brings Response Surface Modeling to Car Design with modeFRONTIER’s PowerFLOW node

Design Software - Response Surface-based algorithms optimize PowerFLOW aeroacoustics wind noise simulations More>>


The Measure of Our Space Programs… In Horses

Designer Edge - Ever wonder how much a Saturn V weighs, or how much it can carry? Xkcd provides us that info,... More>>


Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

Jobs - A common misconception for young leaders is that they must always be doing something. More>>


Natural Gas Cars! But How Do You Carry Enough Fuel?

Designer Edge - Cars that run on natural gas are touted as efficient and environmentally friendly, but getting... More>>


Toyota Development, Powertrain Expands in Detroit

Advanced Manufacturing - Toyota Technical Center to consolidate development operations in Michigan More>>


Instant-Start Computers May Now Be Possible

Designer Edge - A new breakthrough in memory technology might make instant-start computers a reality. More>>


Back to the Future with Roman Architectural Concrete

Designer Edge - What can the Romans teach us about building? Could their concrete reveal any ancient material... More>>


CryoSat Publishes its Sea Ice Map

Designer Edge - The ESA's Cryosat has delivered this years map of autumn sea ice thickness. What's it... More>>


Airplane Powered By Solar Energy To Make First Round-The-World-Trip

Designer Edge - Solar Impulse made headlines last year when a solar-powered single-seater plane travelled from... More>>


Educator brings UK’s Academic Race to the USA

Design Software - Greenpower's offer electric car races for 9 year olds up to postgrad! More>>


Earth's Most Abundant Material Finally Gets a Name

Designer Edge - Scientists finally have a name for the Earth's most abundant mineral. Thirty-Eight percent of... More>>


A New Self-Tinting Window

Designer Edge - Researchers in Singapore create a self-powered, self-tinting window.  Will it make... More>>


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