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Designer Edge - A hitch-hiking robot is making its way from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia.  More>>

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Changing an Induction Motor's Power Supply Frequency Between 50 and 60Hz

Electronics - What to do if you have an induction motor with the wrong frequency. More>>


The Photosynthetic Antenna - a moonshot project

Designer Edge - The Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC) wants the world to produce energy using... More>>


Ontario Grid Takes Flywheels for a Spin

Electronics - Canada recently powered up its first grid-level flywheel storage system, putting 2 MW worth of... More>>


Intel’s 2500 series Solid-State Drives for Business Applications

Design Software - Cheaper SSD's offers Data Encryption and increased Security More>>


Making, 3D Printing a Part of Egypt's Change

3D Printing - One MIT PhD helps Learning and Making make a difference in post revolution Egypt. More>>


AI Identifies the Musical Progression of the Beatles

Designer Edge - ;AI as music critic? A new algorithm identifies The Beatles' musical progression across their... More>>


The Water Filter That Charges Your Cellphone

Designer Edge - Grabbing energy freely from the atmosphere has long been an ambition of engineers and the power... More>>


Building Up Bamboo

Designer Edge - Building Up Bamboo: Researchers look into the versatile wood as a option for plywood style... More>>


Self-repairing architecture - a moonshot project

Designer Edge - Rachel Armstrong presents her ideas for creating a sustainable solution to Venice's sinking... More>>


Historic Nuclear Chimney to Be Demolished Via Self-Climbing Platform

Designer Edge - How do you remove a nearly 70 year old nuclear site chimney? With a self-climbing platform, of... More>>


Using 3D-Bioprinting for Artificial Bones

3D Printing - Research team demonstrates technique that could replace conventional bone grafts in the... More>>


People who are CAD Illiterate Need to See Designs Too

Design Software - Make sure your partners and CEO can view your designs More>>


What is a DC Brushless Motor?

Designer Edge - A DC brushless motor is actually a permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor. More>>


The World's First Fly-Inspired Sound Detector

Designer Edge - New device based on a fly's freakishly acute hearing may find applications in futuristic hearing... More>>


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