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Designer Edge - Scientists finally have a name for the Earth's most abundant mineral. Thirty-Eight percent of the planet will now be known as Bridgmanite.  More>>

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CryoSat Publishes its Sea Ice Map

Designer Edge - The ESA's Cryosat has delivered this years map of autumn sea ice thickness. What's it... More>>


Will Dassault Systèmes "beyond PLM" vision be realized any time soon? – TV-report

PLM/ERP - Dassault Systems visionary leader, Bernard Charles, is working hard to promote the company's... More>>


Voyager 1 is Buoyed by Solar Tsunamis in Interstellar Space

Designer Edge - As Voyager 1 continues into interstellar space solar-generated tsunamis are creating some rough... More>>


Engineers Make Solids Stiffer with Liquids

Designer Edge - Can materials be made stiffer by impregnating them with liquid? According to Yale engineers... More>>


3D Printing Researchers Aim to Improve Hip & Knee Replacement

3D Printing - 3DPrinted hip-implants are supporting better bone growth. What's the future hold for 3D Printed... More>>


Curiosity Stumbles Across Methane Geysers on Mars

Designer Edge - Could Curiosity's latest discovery prove there was once life on Mars? More>>


CFD Simulations are Saving Infants from Deadly Heart Defects

Design Software - ANSYS Fluent gives surgeons optimal surgery options for patient survival More>>


Simulating Nuclear Plants from Cradle to Grave

Design Software - Ensure confinement, cooling, and safety throughout a nuclear plant's lifecycle More>>


US Navy Tests GhostSwimmer, an Autonomous Sub

Designer Edge - The US Navy has completed tests on a new autonomous, robotic sub, but unlike previous machines... More>>


Search and Discover Solutions: Gaining Commitment – How to Start

Design Software - Creating awareness is an essential first step. . . . More>>


USAF OK's New Standoff Missile Production

Advanced Manufacturing - New long range precision guided munition hits high-value targets More>>


Sensors for Smart Assembly Lines

Electronics - Library of sensors for everything from infrared to humidity and capacitance. More>>


Is A Quantum Internet on the Horizon?

Designer Edge - Sure, quantum computers may be on their way but is a quantum internet on the way too? More>>


Re-engineering the refugee camp – a moonshot project

Designer Edge - Daniel Kerber wants to improve the living conditions of refugee camps. More>>


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