FactoryBalls 2 Walkthrough Level - 16 to 20

Level 16

This level relies mainly on the timing of how you apply each set of seeds. Start by applying the grass seeds and then watering them once. After that, apply the blue flower seeds, as shown here.

Then, water a second time and apply the white flower seeds.

A third drop in the watering can should give you the desired field of flowers growing in dead grass.

Level 17

A pretty simple one. Start by painting the ball red and using the black dot can six times.

Then, use the white dot can four times, so that your ball looks kind of like Deadpool.

Then, apply the pupils by using the black dot can again twice.

Level 18

This level introduces headphones, an item that will never be seen again.

Start by painting the ball green, putting on the hat, and then painting the bottom half red.

Then, remove the hat, put on the headphones, and paint the rest of the ball yellow. You should be left with a mostly-yellow ball with a half green, half red circle.

Now, however, we are faced with a conundrum. We must paint the bottom half of the ball blue without touching the bottom half of the circle – but we can’t put the hat on over the headphones! Oh, no, what will we do? How can we ever go on when the game has so thoroughly thwarted…


Level 19

Coming Soon

Level 20

This level introduces a mechanic of squiggly arrows. Those squiggly arrows are not the recycling type – actually, come to think of it, the trash can you dispose your balls in when you screw up has the recycling symbol on it. If it’s the recycling, how come you don’t get the ball back when you dispose of it?

Either way, the important thing is that the blue circle with the white arrows will rotate the ball counter-clockwise, and that we are going to use this incredible new technology to make a ball that looks like Pac-Man.

Truly, we have reached a glorious new era of human accomplishment.

Start by paint the ball black, putting on the hard hat, and painting the bottom half yellow.

The levels that use this mechanic all essentially revolve around rotating the ball so that the parts you do not want dyed are obscured by the hat.

Rotate until it looks like this, then put the hat on again.

Then, dump it in yellow, remove the hat, and Pac-Man will be complete.