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Process Engineer

Company Name: WORKFORCE plus
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Location: St. Marks, Florida, United States
Date Posted: 11/16/2012
Posting Expiry Date: 1/15/2013
Pay Rate: Depends on Experience

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Job Duties:
Provide process engineering support to engineering and manufacturing departments in a Ball Powder R Propellant Plant.

Responsibilities to include the following functions:

-Develops, checks and reviews process flow diagrams, piping/instrumentation diagrams, and process scopes for existing and new plant processes and projects.
-Provides process related troubleshooting and optimization function's for day-to-day operations
-Develops knowledge of BallPowderR operations with goal of becoming "process expert"to plant.
-Participates in and/or leads process Hazards Analysis to support plant wide OSHA PSM program.
-Function as Project Manager for process related engineering projects.
-Develop and lead project startup efforts including writing checkout plans and leading checkout/startup efforts.
-Provide support to environmental department for supporting the WWTP and environmental permitting tasks.
-Design and conduct process related training for plant personal.
-Analyze existing process operations for optimization potential and research new equipment and methods for same.

-Requires a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and 5-10 years experience in chemical manufacturing plant. Experience in manufacturing of explosives preferred.

Additional Requirements:

-Must be very familiar with doing heat and material balances and analyzing complex chemical processes
-Strong verbal and technical skills
-Good interpersonal skills
-Good knowledge and understanding of chemical engineering principles
-Ability to become "process expert" in the manufacturing of Ball Powder R Propellant
-BATFE clearance required
-Must have a valid State Drivers License

Days & hours are:
Monday-Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm & occasional O/T
Salary TBD
Benefits: Full Package


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