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Samsung to Acquire HARMAN in $8-Billion Deal
Samsung seeks to expand influence in automotive electronics.
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Making Energy-Harvesting Computers Reliable
Engineers develop programming language specifically for intermittent operation.
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Tandem Perovskite Solar Cells Show Promise
All-perovskite device converts sunlight into electricity with 20.3 percent efficiency.
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Satellites, Radar and the Electrical Engineer
Infographic highlights the past, present and future of radar and satellites.
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Image Sensor Features Iris Recognition Technology
Higher sensitivity at IR enables advanced security for mobile devices.
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High Heat-Resistant Semiconductor Encapsulation Material for Power Devices
Developed encapsulation material shows high stability up to 210°C.
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Industry's Lowest Iq Battery Charging Solution for Wearables and IoT
700-nA quiescent current allows long-term, always-on functionality to help get more life out of your...
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Toshiba Launches ARM Cortex-M0 Core Based Microcontrollers
Toshiba launches three new microcontrollers with Built-in USB device controllers.
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Pasternack Debuts General Purpose Multi-Market Electromechanical Switches
New electromechanical switches consist of 134 connectorized designs, capable of 1 million life cycle...
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New Self-Protecting Automatic Transfer Switch Meets NEC 240.87
Controller supports a variety of communication options for building management or SCADA systems.
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IoT Processor Can Function as Bluetooth Hub for Wearables
Chip offers simultaneous data processing and memory storage of multiple sensing targets.
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Modular Junction Box for Manufacturing and Energy Applications
Platform utilizes five different covers with an open-architecture system for easy modification.
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Multi-Channel Recorder Replays Radar Data
New system can record ship and aircraft transponder video and camera data.
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Fairchild Launches Mid-Voltage MOSFET in 8x8 Dual Cool Package
Reduced footprint of dual cool 88 MOSFET boosts power density and improves system efficiency with a ...
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Toshiba Expands Line-up of High Power White LEDs for LED Lighting
High luminous flux products of 140lm(min.) added to the line-up.
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Superbatteries Combine Capacitor, Battery Technologies

By Aditya Singhal Supercapacitors coupled with a regular battery form a specific kind of “sup... More >>
The Ben Heck Show: Teenage Driver Texting Prevention Device - Part 1

Introducing electronics hobbyist Ben Heckendorn, star of the all new Ben Heck Show, sponsored exclus... More >>
Creating SoCs for Mobile Devices - Podcast

Guest: Manish Gajjar, Principal Engineer, Broadcom Host: Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Community M... More >>
For real brilliance, build your own Solar LED
Solar lights are great applications for a remote application, like your back yard. But the ones you ...
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