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Tom Lombardo
Tom Lombardo is an engineer, a professor, and an "armchair philosopher." He holds technical degrees in electronics and computer science, as well as a doctorate in instructional technology. Tom teaches engineering, microcontrollers, and sustainable energy systems. In his spare time he makes somewhat recognizable sounds with an acoustic guitar. Tom and his wife Lisa hope to someday retire in a secluded off-the-grid house.

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Oscilla Power's new energy harvester converts wave power to electricity with no moving parts.  More >>


The hydrogen economy is off to a slow start, but new technology might make it a viable alternative t... More >>


HelioScope is a new PV system design tool that integrates shading analysis, simulation, and CAD in o... More >>


Solar Thermophotovoltaic cells use more of the solar spectrum and generate electricity at night. More >>


RAISE Energy's new LED replacement tubes can be placed into an existing fluorescent fixture without ... More >>


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Ford hopes that its CMAX Energi concept car will lead the way towards solar-powered vehicles. Don't ... More >>


The Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer (WITT) converts chaotic motion into usable electricity. More >>


In a fire, this fuse automatically disconnects a solar panel, protecting firefighters from electrica... More >>


This Google Glass app could make solar installations easier and more efficient. More >>


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