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Tom Lombardo
Dr. Tom Lombardo is an engineer, a professor, a certified Professional Energy Manager, and an armchair philosopher. Tom teaches engineering, microcontrollers, and sustainable energy systems. In his spare time he makes somewhat recognizable sounds with an acoustic guitar.

You can contact Tom via Twitter at @DrTomLombardo or connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tlombardo. Tom also maintains the Sustainable Energy Today page on Facebook.

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Trash into Treasure: Landfill Site Becomes Solar Farm
From brown to green: a landfill that's been vacant for 45 years gets new life as a solar farm.
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Student-Built Solar Electric Utility Vehicle to Compete in World Solar Challenge
These students want to change the automotive industry by making a practical solar-electric vehicle.
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SpaceX Launches NASA's Roll Out Solar Array
SpaceX's first reuse of a Dragon rocket carries supplies and experiments to the ISS, including ROSA,...
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Education-Industry Partnerships Could Save Solar Companies Millions of Dollars
A recent study on workforce training applies to the solar industry, but it has broader implications ...
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Tesla Isn't The Only Solar Roof In Town
An upstart company has a solar roof design that could give Tesla a run for its money.
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Nanomaterials Produce Better Batteries at Half the Cost
A new manufacturing process could drastically reduce the price of batteries for electric vehicles, b...
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Tesla Solar Roof: The Model S of Photovoltaics
Tesla announced the cost of its solar roof. Let's see how it compares to traditional rooftop PV.
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From the Coal Mines of Kentucky to the Power of the Sun
Coal mining jobs are not coming back, so coal-based communities are keeping their economies alive wi...
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Houston Has No Problem with Renewable Energy
Houston's municipal facilities are powered almost entirely by renewable energy. This 50MW solar far...
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New Battery Technology for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles
New battery technology can improve the viability of renewable energy and help electric vehicles beco...
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Examining the Costs and Benefits of Residential Solar Plus Storage
NREL analyzes the costs, benefits, and obstacles related to residential solar with behind-the-meter ...
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Are LED Lights Bad for Your Health?
Let's shed some light on the way LEDs may affect circadian rhythms.
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Your Next Car Will NOT Be Solar Powered
Your next car will NOT be solar powered, but it might be solar assisted.
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LED Streetlights: $7.5M Investment Will Return $57M in Energy Cost Savings
LED streetlights and other green initiatives will help America's largest township save a ton of mone...
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Biomimic Wind Turbine: What's All the Flap About?
Machines imitating nature: this biomimic wind turbine flaps like a hummingbird.
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How Much Energy Does It Take to Watch the Big Game on a Big Screen?
With large screen televisions drawing anywhere from 70 to 200 watts apiece, a lot of electrical ener...
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Why Are Most Solar Cells Made with 1950s Technology?
We have the technology to make more efficient solar cells, but most companies choose not to use it. ...
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Tesla Gigafactory Goes Live!
The Gigafactory is now mass-producing batteries for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles. ...
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Solar Roadways: Let's Do the Math
The world's first solar road will generate 280 MWh of electricity each year. Let's compare the cost ...
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Vegas Rolls the Dice on Streetlights Powered by Sunlight and Footsteps
These off-grid streetlights also provide WiFi, USB charging ports, and an array of sensors.
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