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Tom Lombardo
Dr. Tom Lombardo is an engineer, a professor, a certified Professional Energy Manager, and an armchair philosopher. Tom teaches engineering, microcontrollers, and sustainable energy systems. In his spare time he makes somewhat recognizable sounds with an acoustic guitar.

You can contact Tom via Twitter at @DrTomLombardo or connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tlombardo. Tom also maintains the Sustainable Energy Today page on Facebook.

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Tesla Gigafactory Goes Live!
The Gigafactory is now mass-producing batteries for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles. ...
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Solar Roadways: Let's Do the Math
The world's first solar road will generate 280 MWh of electricity each year. Let's compare the cost ...
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Vegas Rolls the Dice on Streetlights Powered by Sunlight and Footsteps
These off-grid streetlights also provide WiFi, USB charging ports, and an array of sensors.
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Futuristic Utility Pole: Solar, Battery, WiFi, 4G, and EV Charging
This 21st century utility pole has solar power, battery, communication, LED streetlight, and EV char...
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Two Guys in a Garage Win $1.5M Wave Energy Prize
AquaHarmonics took home the gold in the DoE Wave Energy competition.
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Check Out Tesla's Sweet Roof
Tesla/SolarCity unveiled a solar roof that's attractive, affordable, and integrated with batteries a...
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SolPad: A Game Changer for Residential Solar?
SolPad integrates PV, battery, and inverter, dramatically lowering the cost of solar.
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Students Gain Real-World Experience in Renewable Energy Laboratory
Collaboration between business, government, and academia makes this living laboratory a learning lab...
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Freedom Field Renewable Energy: A Living Laboratory
This living laboratory saves taxpayer dollars, spurs economic development, and educates the communit...
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Big Ass Fans Win Big Awards
A convergence of electrical, mechanical, aerospace, and software engineering brings a series of spac...
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Fossil Fuel Companies Investing in Renewable Energy
To avoid extinction, smart fossil fuel companies are putting more R&D into renewable energy.
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Tesla Sells 80 MWh Battery Bank to Edison
California is replacing its natural gas peaker plants with batteries. This is good news for renewabl...
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Ten K Raises the Bar on Solar Production
Ten K Solar took a page from the computer industry and applied the RAID principle to photovoltaic sy...
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About That Solar Tree
The Solar Tree looks good in principle until the engineering realities come to light.
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Solar Impulse 2 Overcomes Battery Issues During Flight Around the World
Why did the batteries overheat on the Solar Impulse 2?
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An Engineer Speculates on the Tesla/SolarCity Solar Roof
Elon Musk says his company will be designing a solar roof, but he offers no details, leaving room fo...
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Nice Microgrid: Solar, Storage, and Reliability
In a world where the grid is "too big to fail," microgrids deliver reliability, cost savings, and re...
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Inside Siemens' Record-Breaking Electric Aircraft Motor
Siemens redesigned their electric motor using a computer model and lots of trial-and-error.
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Virtualized IoT Development Environment Reduces Design Time
Seebo’s new virtualized environment simplifies the design of smart, connected IoT products.
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Hybrid Energy Storage System Combines Ultracapacitors and Batteries
Batteries hold more energy, but ultracapacitors have quicker response times. Duke Energy uses a hybr...
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